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TMD Hosting (Shared) NOT Fully Compliant With UNA

I had thought the officially recommended hosting company for UNA must have met all basic requirements before being endorsed and recommended to all customers. I believe all hosts will be glad to meet your server requirement if you subscribe to Business or Dedicated options.

I did a server audit and requested them to attend to MYSQL settings in RED as attached.Β 

Bellow is their reply to me short and cold.


"Regarding the provided log, it would require actions regarding the configuration on the MySQL service on your server and such actions could not be performed since you are residing in a Shared Hosting environment and that may affect other users".


Since every host is flexible on Server requirements when you subscribe to Dedicated package, It therefore means there is no need to have recommended TDM Hosting. That should ordinarily be for any company that can meet the set requirements on Shared package. I have my second website hosted with another company on a Shared Hosting meeting all requirements. I patronized TDM because it was recommended

I see this as an unnecessary favor.

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    • Hmmm

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      • Good point. I tried for many, many hours to get the UNA video module to work (for something more than a tiny video) but they finally admitted that I needed an expen$ive dedicated server package.

        Those cache settings above are the same as mine and I have been able to upload tiny videos nevertheless. 2 or 3 minutes, tops.Β 

        In fairness to TMD, other than misleading me about this matter at first, they are an excellent company.

        Could you give us the name of your other hosting service? Thank you.

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        • I used TMD's VPN service for years with a Dolphin site and I never had any problems at all. Very good server and great support but once I started with UNA I had sooo many problems.

          Many of the biggest problems was with the video. We never did get that right. I'm with UNA's cloud now.

          Β It works great now but no server access. :(

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          • Same here. Β my site molosserdogs.com is hosted on TMD VPN without issues.

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          • A social site without video is a big nothing. TMD should warn others that their shared plan is inadequate for UNA.

            Recently, I saw the statistic that of all internet traffic, video is about 3/4's of the total.

            UNA should also qualify their recommendation of TMD, imo. But really - they are willing to give their competitor free advertising. That's pretty amazing, no?

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            • I think the message should be made clearer, as it is now, everyone newly searching will assume TDMs got UNA's back all the way.

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              • DeDiary and anyone else going through this problem i'm with fast comet and my server audit is the way it should be everything's set up including my php accelerator if you having trouble with it fast comet will help they helped me with setting up what i needed and i'm on a shared hosting plan b.t.w so no need to worries that you need dedicated i plan on having shared then upgrading to dedicated when i need it from fast comet.

                Hope this helps


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                • Thanks bro, noted

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