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Configure your Site for Mobiles and Apps

With the release of UNA 10 Acrux - and the added functionality to the UNA ecosystem of  native mobile apps, I thought it timely to repost this tutorial on how to configure your UNA pages for various viewports. The main difference with UNA 10 is the addition of the 'mobile apps' option as a viewport when configuring your UNA site.

This option enable us to make visible or hide every block, page and menu item based upon what device is being used. It is theoretically possible to create 4 completely different version of each page on your site, even a different page when viewed between mobile phone and mobile apps.

It's worth watching the tutorial video if this is new to you, adding in the option for 'mobile app'. I'll update the video at some time soon.

So far as compiling the code and submitting you app to the apps stores - there is some documentation here - https://github.com/unaio/una-mobile-app - and we we will be producing a more detailed instruction guide very soon.

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    • Very nice tutorial its very helpful thanks for sharing 🤗 

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      • Mark Purser I'm on the UNA Cloud with no access to my server plus no experience writing scripts and very little with code. Do you know of anyone can help with getting the mobile apps up and running?

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        • Same here

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          • Hi John Curtis Tim Burleigh - we are working on a solution for this, Alex T⚜️ is developing the definitive guidebook as we speak - once that's done it will be much easier for you to do it, or contract someone to complete the task. 

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            • Thank you Mark Purser I will be looking forward to this.

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            • I'm in the same boat. I might try to find a developer off upwork to do it for me once I get better instructions. Maybe I'll try myself. 

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              • Is there a good app developer who can create an Android and IOS for my site https://molosserdogs.com

                Looking for recommendations.

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