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Push notifications

Could someone explain to me exactly what PUSH notifications are?

Thanks in advance

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  • It’s best to ask questions in Discussions section. Posts are mostly for articles/blogs.

    Now, PUSH notifications are the alerts that you see on your phone, tablet or desktop that come through even if the site or the app that sends them is currently closed. Push notifications come in two flavours: WebPush and system Push. 

    WebPush notifications are sent by your browser, System Push notifications are sent by the apps. For example, if you visit UNA.IO using Chrome the first time, the browser will show a pop up request to authorise Web Push notifications for this site. If you approve, then UNA.IO will be sending you Push notifications via Chrome, even if the UNA.IO site is not open and even if Chrome is turned off. They will stop coming, however, if you clear your browser cache and don’t authorise notifications from this site again. 

    If you install a native app, for iOS, Android, Mac or Win, it will also ask to send notifications to you, and they will not depend on the browser. 

    Note, that iOS does not currently allow WebPush at all, so in order to send Push notifications to iOS users, you have to publish your own iOS app and get users to install it.


    Other types of notifications supported by UNA are Email notifications and On-site notifications.

    E-mail notifications are the short transactional email messages sent to users according to their notification settings. 

    On-site notifications only appear when user logs into their profile. They show in the “Notifications” slide-down in the site header or the app launchbar.

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    • This is a very helpful posting, ty. 

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    • Thank you Andrew Boon this is very helpful.

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