Chat+ Video Conference Browsers Compatibility

Administration> Video Conference:

Enabled - True (noted: still beta)

Domain -



Brave (macOS, Windows)

Chrome (macOS, Windows)

Firefox (Windows)

Opera (macOS, Windows)


No Works:

Brave (iOS)

Chrome (iOS)

Edge (Windows)

Firefox (iOS, macOS - problem with login, they don't seem to connect between Chat+ and Jitsi Meet)

Safari (iOS, macOS) - WebRTC support in Safari 11 coming September for both iOS and macOS. Will test on first day of release!


All browsers are latest.

If you have Android, please check: Brave, Chrome, and Firefox. And I will add to the list above.

Brave, in order for chat to work... you need to click on orange lion in the upper right for site shield, change to Down, lion will become grey.

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