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Font Stack Explained

Please can someone explain the Font Stack to me. I am using the Lucid theme, with the Font Stack set to: Nunito, Lato, Arial, sans-serif

When will the fonts display, is it correct to assume the following?

  1. Nunito, - Windows Desktop Font
  2. Lato, - Apple Desktop Font
  3. Arial, - Tablet Font
  4. sans-serif - Mobile Font

OR is it?

  • Windows: Nunito
  • macOS: Lato
  • iOS: Arial
  • Android: sans-serif


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  • Font stack tells the browser which font to use in order of priority. If the first one is not available in the system and not provided by the site, browser goes for the second one, etc. 

    Nunito and Lato are Google Fonts - so they can be loaded from google as webfonts and will work in any browser and OS, but will request a font from Google every time. So Google fonts increase site loading time.

    Also some countries like China block google and won’t load the fonts. So their browsers will drop to Arial or even default system sans-serif type. 

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    • so are you suggesting to change una's default fonts?

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      • Yes, you are most welcome to change. Just make sure you use popular default fonts that both MAcOS and Windows would have, or connect Google Fonts of your choice by copy-pasting the embed code via Designer > Injections.

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