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The 5 Levels of Remote Work

This is a great post referencing Matt Mullenweg, the man behind the development of Wordpress, on the levels of efficiency within remote work.

As a fully remote team, UNA have a lot of experience exploring the possibilities & pitfalls of remote working. I‘d like to think that the UNA Team operate in the upper levels of this paradigm, but certainly there is always

Having superb tools & using them intelligently is fundamental to successful outcomes for a remote workforce. 

We are steadily building the toolkit for our UNA Workplace Solution, the Wiki was a big one, next comes video conferencing with Jitsi, with a LMS & Task Manager to quickly follow. 

Whilst we all hope that the clusterf*#k caused by COVID 19 will soon be resolved, it seems fairly certain that many changes within workplace management might be permanent, hopefully in a positive way. 

It‘s great to hear the experience & insight of others existing in a similar space. Any insights you might have on remote working would be greatly valued, as well as any inclusions you would deem fundamental within a remote work team management & collaboration solution.

Let me know your thoughts! 

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    • Have you heard of the Eisenhower Matrix?
      I have been trying this out when it comes to prioritizing each day/week, and it helps define lines on on things that seem important, but actually are not.


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      • Hi James Cherry - I love it, a great reference to print out and post on the wall in front of my desk. But one question remains, when do last years documents every get refiled? I have a growing pile of them accumulating on my desk.... 😆

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        • Idk... I just put them in my automatic micro organizer.


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        • LMS, Video Meeting, Live video streaming,Lessons/Tests

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          • Coming right up! 

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