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Jitsi and Privacy

As some have noticed, we have Jitsi being tested here on UNA.IO - the feedback is universally positive, it's a great system, using Web RTC protocols to create secure, stable and private P2P connections between browsers. Coming (very) soon to an UNA site near you...

This video explores some of privacy concerns with Zoom, and presents Jitsi as a preferred alternative. Being stable, secure and open source made Jitsi a logical choice for integration with UNA.

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    • Ahhh I literally can't wait!!!! D:

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      • I became aware of Jitsi when I started using VitalPBX.   I like Jitsi for its simplicity.  Cant wait to try it in UNA. How do I get access to it?

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        • You can test it right now here on UNA.IO via Messenger. 

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        • Great and important addition.  Mark P what about Jitsi being compliant with GDPR and HIPAA?

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          • Hi ilan - as Jitsi uses end to end encryption as does not store data, it should be compliant. Although you would probably need to establish your own Jitsi server to be fully compliant.

            This thread discusses it in depth;


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            • 💪

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              • Two things. Will it be fully integrated as not having to download Jitsi separately? Will the Jitsi logo be able to be removed? Will it include live stream/broadcasting/live chat? Rocket Chat aka Chat + is open source and hyped up as the group chat live chat/streaming but ultimately abandoned by UNA so will there be a better effort by UNA to keep this around and an out of the box experience?

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                • Hi Will Monte - yes Jitsi code is fully integrated into UNA - whereas Rocket Chat was only every using authentication protocols, relying on RocketChat to provide the resources.

                  Jitsi provides Live P2P streaming using Web RTC - depending on bandwidth, it should be stable up to about 30 users, all sharing audio and cams, above that you can live stream via YouTube. There are options for live streaming using your own server (no YouTube) using Jibri component, but this would require a custom setup.

                  Yes all Jitsi branding will be removed, and we are pushing through App updates so Jitsi can work in UNA mobile apps as well.

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                  • This is great news!

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                  • sounds awesome..will it easier to integrate with custom una app..will una provide sdk or api for for this..

                    and when we can expect any timeline. I think launching basic version sooner will be a good idea instead of waiting for full fledged version for a year.

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