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Charged for a Template I did not receive.

I purchased the Kleo dark template, and was charged for it, but when it returned to the UNA.IO market it said that the transaction verification failed, and I did not receive my item, but my money was taken. Please resolve. There are actually 2 charges, because I wasn't sure of what happened the first time so I did it again, and did not notice until later that I was charged twice. I attempted to communicate my issue with multiple members of UNA, including the developer of the Template, but no one has responded. I chose this platform because I read your 'About Us' page, and figured you would be available to help resolve issues, but it's been nearly 2 days and I have heard nothing from any one. 


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  • Please contact the seller directly - https://una.io/page/view-persons-profile?id=3787

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    • I did, and have gotten no response. This is very disappointing.

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      • Hi Lwj9872 - we will contact the seller on your behalf.

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