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Join the UNA Team - We are Hiring 🤓🛠🚀

We are seeking applications of interest for UNA implementation experts & developers to support our custom development projects at UNA inc.

It seems more people than ever are wanting to build their Social Community Website with UNA, and we need support from the right people to help them get the job done.

We would love to hear from you if you have any of the following skills;

  • You have a comprehensive understanding of the UNA platform, you've built at least one site from scratch and feel confident in guiding others through the process of doing the same. You aren't necessarily a developer, but you have a thorough understanding of UNA Studio and know how to follow a project through from start to finish.
  • You have expertise with developing Graphical User Interface and creating CSS, specifically creating & implementing unique and functional styles for UNA.
  • You are a skilled developer who has skills and experience in writing code to create and modify custom modules for the UNA platform.
  • You have experience in compiling & publishing mobile apps for UNA via the iOS & Android marketplace.

For the right applicants there is an incredible opportunity to get cosy with the UNA team, and work upon realizing amazing custom projects whilst contributing to the hottest Community Management System on the planet. The near future looks amazing for the UNA platform, this is a great opportunity for inspired people to join us upon our journey to the stratosphere 🚀💫.

If you feel like this could be your kind of shindig, please send me your introductions, including links & details of work that you have done using UNA or Dolphin, either PM here on UNA.io or email to mp@una.io

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  • This sounds good. Make sure that you hire someone that is comfortable with all kinds of websites, including adult websites and unconventional types of social networks. And also, make sure that they are familiar with bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. And lastly, make sure that they know about the latest software that is going around on github so they are aware of modern software and design. Like a hacker style / hardcore coder type of person.

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    • Love this. Could you also post this in the Boonex Dolphin site Also? Many developers may want to take a look. I really am interested in Graphic User Interface designers. Also need developers/coders that are social network savvy and can spot new mod ideas

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      • How much are you paying?

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