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Missing language key Messenger

I already wrote about this missing key before (here)  in Alexey Messenger post and my comment : here but somehow no one seams to notice so I will write again here.

When in Messenger and when do mouse over the icon for creating new lot the square box with "_create_lot_title_" shows instead as Alexey answere "Create new talk"

I checked on Una's site Messenger so it is not due to me somehow "lost the key in my installation" but it is actually an error/miss!!

Screenshot of my observation:


I hope someone will look at this.

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  • You're right, looks like the key here should be _bx_messenger_lots_menu_create_lot_title ?

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    • Hi Baloo , I've checked and the key exist. But somehow it is not working. So still, when "mouse over" icon for "Create new talk" shows "__create_lot_title__"


      In browser's developer tools:

      <a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="oMessenger.createLot();" title="__create_lot_title__">

                                  <i class="sys-icon edit"></i>

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    • Hello!

      I have found the problem and fixed it https://github.com/unaio/jot-client-una/issues/108

      It will be included to the nearest update.

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      • Thanks, it's ok.

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        • Here is another one:

          When in Messenger (on mobile phone) and recording video and then close the video recorder without sending just recorded video the warning window opens to warn about video being lost like this:

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          • I have checked again for this second key in Messenger and it is OK so discard my previous post about missing key

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