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A Virtual library with UNA ADS module for free textbooks for medical students

As a doctor for years I moved my medical books around. Some of them expired in dust, some other like atlases are always upto date (humans are not evoluted that fast :) )

Lately while I was moving back to my country from a 7 years work abroad, I couldnt bring back all the books. At that moment I thought some medical students needs these books, why I dont give them to students.

With this idea, now we created a Virtual Medical Text Books Lİbrary in our UNA based doctors portal. And I want to share it with UNA community to demonstrate different things with UNA.

Doctors are registering books on their libraries to our virtual library, putting some photos and a short explanation

Medical students are seeing these books and if they like they click the I am interested button.

We created full event registration and tracking on the books page for doctor and student and our Virtual Librarian "Dr.IQ" is sending both parties messenger notifications in every step.


Also cron jobs are running to check if the adress is registered in 3 days if the book is shipped etc. Before the date limits with reminders and when the time for the action expires notifications to both parties.

With all these we will connect doctors and medical students in our Virtual Library and provide medical students FREE BOOKS :)

Everything is done on the powerfull ADS module.



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    • Amazing! Cool implementation of the Ads module and a really worthy cause. 

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      • First Class Cem 💯✔️

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        • This is a practical demonstration of the flexibility and adaptability of UNA 

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          • Excellent. Creativity, heart, and soul at work.

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            • So are you scanning/photographing all the pages into the ads modules?

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              • I can tell that you have setup a superior system for this but I meant complex as in manually scanning. Poor choice of words. My apologies.

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                • After writing 1000+ lines of code (as a non professional) I am more sensitive for this baby :))))))

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                  • I'm sure you are...and rightfully so :-)

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