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MSolutions - A Developer Review

It makes me sad to be writing this post 😥 

We have purchased a large number of Msolutions modules, some we use some we do not. We have actively engaged with Msolutions to purchase all their modules so that we can support them commercially and help them succeed. I would like nothing more than to see all developers on the UNA platfrom thrive.  

So it is with retreat that I am sharing this review and would never have done so, had Msolutions communicated and worked with us. 

One of Msolutions best modules is also one of the most problematic, for a site like the one we run, the problem has cost us 1,000's of hours having to convert back to an UNA standard Set-up.

For the most part MSolutions modules function and do what they should do, the problem is in the detail, when things do not work as they should. This is where MSolutions modules fall down. Then they completely crash and burn when it comes to user support. 

The Issues - A summary 

We reached out to Msolutions because their Pretty Links and Usernames modules have some problems. Specifically with the Search Engines and then with Administration of the names and links.


A quick list of the top 5 issues. (There are way more, the list has been kept short intentionally)

  1. Msolutions does not stick to their own commitments or respond to communication.
  2. Firstly Google, Bing and Yandex do not always index the pretty links, it is best to submit the UNA default links, but it is difficult to find them due to the way MSolutions built the system.
  3. Users can change User Names, thus breaking all Search Engine links. (There is no admin function to prevent a user from changing a user name, there is no admin function to manage individual user names, you can't reclaim names that people are using incorrectly via the admin module, for example trademarks)
  4. Usernames do not work across all modules, ( for example they are missing for Groups and Events)
  5. Usernames do not become part of UNA's "Edit Profile" Page, it is a separate Block, this creates a host of problems.

 While these could be amazing modules and for the most part they are pretty awesome, the can be the biggest headache you could implement on your site. For us it became a big problem because Msolutions stoped supporting their own products.

My experience with Msolutions support"

The screen shots focus on trying to get Msolutions to reply to us and not on the actual issues. 

Wednesday November 11, 2020


Monday December 7th, 2020


Tuesday December 10, 2020 through Sunday January 17, 2021


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  • Agreed, Msolution's modules have a lot of bugs, complete ignore for refunds for a module that doesn't work well (and thats considering I bought several modules..), and promised fixes within the next week, but it is more than a month now, and there has been no communication.


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    • We do not have a License for the third party module "Suggestions", if you can provide access to your website we will try to fix this asap.

      The usernames module will have a new update in the next few days. It is on testing stage right now.


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    • Pretty Links module is one of our most complex modules, it needs to keep compatibility with all UNA apps, we do not have a License for testing UNA, we are working from github directly to test all modules and we are working on non stable versions of the PowerApps.

      1. This is hard to do with this module.

      2 We do not have a way to know exactly why they are not indexing, we are working on the blind here.

      3 You can disable users editing their usernames if you disable the option "Persons can edit their username" In the plugins settings. Disable "Organizations can edit their username" for organizations if you don't want organizations to edit their usernames.

      4. This was not advertised. The one who should be working with this Groups and Events is the Pretty links module.

      5 This is exactly as it is working in our demo website. We didn't find a way to add the new form for usernames   inside the other form without breaking it. What we recommend is to edit the page to move the block at the first position, this way this is the first thing they need to fill in.

      We know there is bugs in this 2 Modules and some other little bugs on other modules, it is very time consuming to be working like this, specially when they release new paid modules and we need to ensure that the updates  will work on all of them with no issues, however we are trying our best to release the promised updates as soon as possible.

      As we said earlier, we can work on fixing everything faster if you can provide access to your cPanel, it is very difficult to fix things with limited information trying to reproduce errors. We do not force you to give us your credentials and we really respect your decision, but things get fixed slower when this is the case.


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      • I will happily document the problems with your modules (in detail) and suggest fixes. I would even be happy to give you a development server set-up for testing and actively work with you to turn your modules into finished products that you can be proud to sell and would be safe for people to buy and we will endorse the modules that are fully functional.

        We are still waiting to hear from you on this. We replied and were waiting for your reply or private message. As of now, we have still no extra information on how to reproduce the issues you have, however we were working on the update and it will be available in a few days.

        We did release a new update for the Usernames module and the Pretty Links module will be updated next.


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        • MSolutions please will you kindly go and read your emails and private messages, you have not replied, you have not communicated (I included a screenshot of where we left off). All the errors are detailed in the previous correspondence with you. 

          Again I repeat, if you want someone to help you fix your modules I will happily work with you so that you can deliver a quality product, you just need to be willing to make it happen. I am available by private message at anytime to help you, even over weekends. 


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          • Can we use messenger instead of the Convos module to work on this? If so, please send us a private message using this link: 


            The errors reported in the previous conversation are fixed and will be included in this next update that we are going to release in a few days. We are here to fix anything we have in our modules. Any extra information will be helpful to fix anything else.


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          • Msolutions, thank you for your replies.  

            As I have said to you before I will happily document the problems with your modules (in detail) and suggest fixes. I would even be happy to give you a development server set-up for testing and actively work with you to turn your modules into finished products that you can be proud to sell and would be safe for people to buy and we will endorse the modules that are fully functional.

            From your side you will need to agree to communicate, fix the issues and work with us. 

            Please let me know if this is something you are interested in?

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            • We can fix anything if we have access to the server that is having the errors, it makes no difference to us if it is a production server or a testing server as long as we can see the problems on first hand and have access to the cPanel or ftp. We are willing to communicate to fix this as soon as possible.


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            • Agreed, I helped a friend with Msolutions modules, had same problem, modules are not working 100% and communication from Msolutions is very bad. 

              1. read point one of Msolutions reply. ISSUE: "Msolutions does not stick to their own commitments or respond to communication." ANSWER: "This is hard to do with this module." Who reply like this?

              2. Reason you work blind, you do not reply to messages.

              3. If you disable user from Editing users Names, then vanity URL can't be set by user, defeats the reason for having vanity URL. User must be able to set URL once, then Admin can only change or offer reset. 

              4. Vanity URL should work for Groups and Events, not as you stipulate. 

              5. Agree with InPage, user name should be part of Edit Profile.

              This vendor must be more responsive to fix their modules.

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              • To be honest most businesses have become rubbish at replying, sorting out problems or getting things done in a timely manner.

                I think COVID has a part to play but also people are using the internet more and buying more services online. With all the income from online sales and the fact, people have been sat at home supposedly working these lack of replies or getting updates should not be a problem. especially when people remote working are behind some sort of technical device.

                Some of my Wholesalers are the same. Gets my blood boiling.

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              • We have had a similar experience with MSolutions. We bought the module that should secure that new users create a person profile right after creating an account.

                It doesn't work as indended. We raised the issue, but nothing has happened, nor have we gotten a refund for a useless module.

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                • Mandatory Profiles  was updated last year and after the update we got no bug reports from users who are using it in production sites. The latest version is 1.0.2. If you are still having issues with this version, we need your report with the steps to reproduce the issue to address it.


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                • I also have the pretty links and usernames modules but stopped using them when I started having issues with them. So I am waiting for updates that produce  more stable apps.

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                  • I no believe this guy MSolutions he publish new module, but have no solution for problems above. Some people waiting for months (from November 2020, for answer)  

                    MSolutions blocked me from commenting on his pages. 

                    Please do not buy form this vendor he is not reliable, he does not support his products.  


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                    • Only people who did buy the products can comment on them. This is set on every module we sell. There is nothing different and we do not block people. Sorry if that was the impression you got from us. We did release a new update for the Usernames Module Version 1.0.3 and we are testing the update for the Pretty Links Module, it will be ready for download in a few days.


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                      • Same for me, I have purchased almost all of MSolutions products, I can not comment on any of them and they do not show when there are updates, it always says purchase product.

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                        • The new Usernames update is for UNA 12.

                          The UNA Team made changes in the core files and if we want to keep the modules ready for the next update we have to fix any issue for the next UNA Version (so we did), this changes breaks compatibility with both UNA Versions, we cannot have the module compatible with both versions, this is an issue all developers are having right now and that's why you see many updates from other developers that are adding compatibility with UNA 12. That's why the new update requires UNA 12 to be updated.


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                          • When we release a new product, it is automatically posted in our timeline, we cannot control this, and we cannot change who can post on there, it takes the same rules than the product and allows comments from buyers only too.


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                          • Pretty Links Module Updated to 1.0.7

                            All bugs are now fixed. It requires UNA 12.

                            New features were not added in this Update, they will be added in next update.


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