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UNA Website on CNN

Here is a news story with an UNA website being mentioned on CNN this morning. It's not the best news for the owners of the website, lots of Australian expats stranded overseas because the Australian government won't let them come home - but it is great to see UNA being used to facilitate giving these people a voice in this difficult time.

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    • The ease and speed in wich people can launch social networks like these in emergency or convenient cases is an attractive feature of UNA

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      • Seems like the time when we pretended that other people's problems weren't about us is coming to an end, that's good news in itself, if we do it through UNA propelled it's even better. . All together is motivating.

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        • So good to see this! UNA is built for communities with a meaning, a cause that makes a difference. Very happy to see it used as intended.

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          • Unlike the story of the admin that was mentioned in the news being a trump supporter. His community was a UNA site too. 

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            • Between white and black, there is a whole shade of gray. It is the same between good and evil. Thought is not a binary system. It is this lack of nuance that risks creating division and danger. Leave that to the computers.

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              • Michael, is that seriously the angle in which you chose to look at this from or is it an attempt at trolling? It`s a sincere question, so an equally sincere response would be appreciated :-).

                Before I reply with my thoughts concerning my immediate impression of your post, I want to make sure that I haven`t misunderstood your intentions.

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                • First and foremost, I'm not a tRump supporter. 

                  Troll? I've been here way longer than you, just look up at the URL on my profile, I'm member profile?id=19, you're profile?id=20358.

                   You have no idea what I posted beforehand, and that is why I got a response from Andrew.

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                • I can't think of a worse US-based fate than being stranded in New Jersey.  Somebody tell the stranded Aussies to come to Texas... at least their stay in the US won't be as miserable

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                  • Right. Texas with every independent capitalist for himself and the consumer be damned to insecure electricity and makeshift infrastructure owned by lots of greedy little men.  You must be kidding

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                  • That's it!

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