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This simple module allows members to create their own bookmarks list directly on your site. This way a member can have his own set of quick links/bookmarks accessible from any device. A bookmark can be created for any page, including, for example, search results with a preselected search criteria, a certain blogs category or a photos album. Bookmarks could also be reordered via darg'n'drop.

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  • This is an excellent addition to our site. Very helpful with saving links within the site to certain posts, discussions, etc. AQB Soft was incredibly responsive (and successful) with our request to have the bookmark tab 'float' along the side, so it can be moved top to bottom as needed while browsing.

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    • Can you tell me how to change the colors of the bookmark tab and menu?

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      • image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=3370&dpx=1&t=1586567032

        Thats the class 


        Thats the result. Thats the best I came up 

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      • hi aqb soft. is it possible to add bookmark option in post itself like we have in instagram.

        here we have to open post or status update in new page then i have click on bookmark that is addition step and its hard little difficult for mobile users.

        if u can add one icon for bookmark then it will be helpful.


        thanks and regards,

        travis k

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        •  and how to get these option in my bookmark.


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          • AQB Soft Hey is it possible to have a close tab button for this module. The pull out tab often gets stuck and have to reload the page to get it to work properly. 

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