This module allows to activity on a site. It puts accounts in a background thus when someone comes to a site he can see there a number of online accounts.

The module provides control over how many profiles to put online (an exact number or a random count within a range), for how long, whether to use only profiles with profile pics and an ability to set advanced scheduling (days of week and time of day for running an autoonline rule). The execution of rules happens automatically, i.e. it is possible to set the rules and the module will be putting accounts online automatically 24/7/365 according to those rules.

It is possible to create multiple autoonline rules and these rules will be executed every 15 minutes.

The module is intended to simulate life on a growing site which should help to attract new members.

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    • Today people are in a hurry, they come early in the day, if they do not see anyone online, they do not wait, they flee.

      This module is the solution to this problem, in a way, it allows to prime the pump. I used it already in Dolphin, I'm happy to see him arrive on Una.

      Of course it should not be abused, but the module provides a readiness that seems natural depending on the days, hours, weekend so he plays his role without anyone noticing.

      Essential ! Simple, easy, powerful, a must! Thank you for reproducing it for Una.

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      • I use it. But I cannot create a rul @baloo Why not?

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        • The wheel is working but no without resultww6zfx9qvwndids8efwznywplmmr3wpj.png

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          • Strange, ask AQB Soft  he will find where the problem is.

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            • Contact us via PM to sort the problem.

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            • This is an excellent module for up and coming sites that need to show a little more live activity. It works perfectly and we're currently using this to grow our sites on - everything produced by AQB Soft is of the highest quality and this one is no different.

              Also Highly Recommended is their Auto-Friends module!! :)

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