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This module provides a very simple profile photos functionality. No any separate pages, no standalone photo view pages with comments, likes, etc. Just a Photos block on a profile page which simply lists all profile photos. Upon clicking a photo it is possible to view it in a larger size or open/download an original. A profile owner can easily upload, assign title, reorder photos, set profile photo, profile cover - all of this directly inside that block without having to even leave his profile page. The key feature of this module is the ease of uploading and viewing profile photos.

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  • With possibility to select one of the photo as actual profile photo, this module gives a very easy interface for a quick profile photos album. A must for every UNA site.

    Also AQB soft really  listens you to improve the modules upon the user needs. Thanks AQB soft :)

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    • Thank you.

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    •  The Quick Photo is a very useful way for members to add a profile photo to their profile. It works very well and is easy for members to upload photos of their choice. 

       I also added ABQ Soft's Quick Photo 2 to my UNA site so members can upload and show off their motorcycles. Same as Quick Photo but slightly modified. This also works very well and makes it very easy for members to upload and view photos.

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      • Just bought this module.. How do I add photos to the quick photo block ? 

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        • AQB Soft Guys response ? 

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          • Sorry for the late response. At the top-right corner of a block there is an arrow icon - click it and you should see a dropdown menu which allows to upload and reorganize photos.

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