Nexus is the UNA Mobile Apps and Desktop apps connector. Nexus gives you the ability to turn your UNA website into a Native Mobile App, 📱with full mobile interactivity and 🔔push notifications.

🔑With Native Apps your site enters the next dimension of capability and user interactivity 📈- push notifications and native components create a seamless UX and drive user engagement. 

⚒Using the UNA Pages Builder,  you can customise the look of your UNA site to present for mobile devices and then use the mobile apps to interact with the site, providing an optimised version of the site - this can then be used as a basis for a custom mobile app.

💡The Nexus module adds necessary styles and functionality for proper functionality of UNA Nexus apps. Installing this module isn't enough, you need to get the source code of mobile apps then modify ✍🏾them for your needs before self-publishing through Google and Apple stores. Mobile Apps publication support and customisation is available within X Level Development and Managed Plans. 🤝

Instructions on how to create and publish your UNA Mobile Apps -

Mobile apps source code -

Desktop apps source code -

Each Module Block in Pages Builder can be selected to display in Mobile Apps or not.Each Module Block in Pages Builder can be selected to display in Mobile Apps or not.

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    • Nexus is not showing up in site apps market.. and neither its instructions to manually install are found ? 

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      • Hello. You need to check your Key & Secret pair in Studio -> Settings -> General. Also the pair should be associated with correct domain name here. In this case you should see the Nexus app in Studio -> Market Apps -> Purchases.

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