Plyr is a next generation video player offering a new realm of capabilities with video in UNA including new player controls, PIP, speed control and ad-syndication.

📺 The Picture in Picture (PIP) capabilities enable you to pop out your video, 🖱move it around the screen and continue watching as you view the page. Speed Control ⏩ give you the capability for users to speed up 🐇or slow  down 🐢 their video playback and ad-syndication gives an unprecedented opportunity to monetise video views via advertising.

Plyr Module  📽gives you the capability to build your own YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.  You can create an immersive video experience within your website, allowing users to publish, share, follow and comment upon their own videos and the video of their friends.

Plyr is Open Source MIT licensed software, fully integrated with the UNA Core and provides extensive opportunities for enhancing your use of video within your UNA website, it will soon be update with ad-syndication possibilities via

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    • this is cool

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      • Is this a standalone video player, or an enhancement to others?

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        • Would you use the video module and this module both?  Or only one? 

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