If you are working with your site configuring, updating or changing something this app can be extremely helpful for you. The first version of the app includes the following tools:

  • Maintenance mode switcher - it allows you to close your site for visitors for some time. See screenshot №1. Note, while Maintenance mode is enabled you (as Studio Operator) will be able to use the site without any restrictions. The tool can be enabled in two modes: Full and Lite.
    1.Full - visitors will see just a message in a frame. See screenshot №2. You may use it when you are working with PHP code making some serious chages because this mode uses minimum of UNA resources.
    2. Lite - visitors will see standard UNA's header, footer and a message in a frame. See screenshot №3. You may use it when you are working with UNA's content reorganizing pages, menus and so on.
  • Structure backup - this tool allows you to create/restore backups of your site's structure. See screenshot №4. Backups can be created manually or automatically (every day, week, month). The tool allows to backup different parts of the site's structure:
    1. Settings - sys_options_types, sys_options_categories, sys_options, sys_options_mixes and sys_options_mixes2options tables.
    2. Pages - sys_pages_types, sys_pages_layouts, sys_objects_page, sys_pages_design_boxes and sys_pages_blocks tables.
    3. Menus - sys_menu_templates, sys_objects_menu, sys_menu_sets and sys_menu_items tables.
    4. Forms - sys_objects_form, sys_form_displays, sys_form_inputs, sys_form_display_inputs and sys_labels tables.
    5.Data Lists - sys_form_pre_lists and sys_form_pre_values tables.
    6. Search - sys_objects_search_extended and sys_search_extended_fields tables.
    7. Permissions - sys_acl_actions, sys_acl_actions_track, sys_acl_levels, sys_acl_levels_members and sys_acl_matrix tables.
    8. Grids - sys_objects_grid, sys_grid_fields and sys_grid_actions tables.
  • Tracker - this tool allows you to check which files were modified. See screenshot №5. It allows you to understand whether auto-updates will work or not.

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  • Very handy. Well done!

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    • today i used the first time the toolbox and did a backup

      downloaded the backup

      all be fine, thank you

      now i looked for the place where i can upload the beckup when i have a crash

      i didn t find the backup upload area

      can i use the toolbox when i had a full crash and must install a new clean una?

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      • selbstmedikamentierung 

        I believe that "download" option is there so that you can perform restore true other options, phpMyAdmin for example...

        Maybe creator of Toolbox module - AQB Soft can confirm.

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        • Hello.
          The app allows to restore previously created backups.

          But if you downloaded a buckup, do a fresh install of UNA script then you need to use some other tool like phpMyAdmin to restore the backup.

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