UNA Credits Moduleworks as an internal currency system within your UNA website. As the site owner you have the ability to buy and sell Credits for price that you set. Credits can be bought and sold for hard currency using your existing payment integrations such as PayPal or Stripe.
Take a Commission: With Credits you can set the 'Buy' price as higher that the 'Sell' price which will enable you to take a commission on all sales within your site. 💵

Create Bundles: The UNA site Operator can create Bundles of Credits for designated amounts - pre-selling currency that can be held by the user and utilised quickly within your site.

UNA Credits is an extremely useful feature for improving the User Experience / UX  for  purchasing goods and services through your site, once Credits are purchased using PayPal or Credit Card, the users can easily make purchases directly from their Credits Wallet 👛  By making it easier to purchase through your UNA site, you will ultimately encourage site users to spend more. Further to this, as the site owner you are empowered to regulate the buy and sell rates 🏦enabling you to further monetise your UNA website.

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  • The buttons that say purchase are too small and the word purchase needs to be moved over to the left more. Also it prevents me from buying credits with a warning that says I cannot buy credits from my own store. When I press the OK button to close the popup it brings to an empty checkout instead of just closing the popup.

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