Pretty Links

Compatible with UNA 11 and over, please make sure you have UNA 11 before buying this module.

Generate pretty links from all Modules and all Content.

This Module is compatible with all third party Modules, all CoreApps and

This is the best improvement needed for SEO on all UNA websites, dating websites and social networks.

Demo of album:

Demo of timeline:

  • Version 1.0.7: February 07, 2021
    • Improved compatibility with UNA 12.
    • Bugfix: Pagination for all pages and modules is fixed
    • Bugfix: When going to deleted content (no longer existing content), the module was having an "Notice". This is now solved.
    • Several minor bugfixes.
      • If you still have any issue, please report it to our messenger and provide any detail on how to reproduce the issue, if you can share screenshots and error logs that would help us to fix anything faster.
  • Version 1.0.6: November 05, 2020
    • Bugfix: In some servers, some links were displaying incorrect content because of the case non-sensitive from the database. In this update now all links display the correct data.
      • Special thanks to InPage for reporting this bug and sending the detailed information that lead us to find the issue and fix it properly.
  • Version 1.0.5
    • Bugfix: Error 500 on UNA Cloud servers, when this module was installed in servers with missing php-intl extension, this module was giving error 500. This is now fixed, if the extension is missing the links will replace the titles in the pretty link with a "-" instead. If you are hosted on UNA Cloud or see this kind of behavior on your server, please install and enable php-intl extension or contact me with a private message.
    • Bugfix: Profile page was displaying duplicated on some servers when Usernames module was installed before Pretty Links module.
    • Bugfix: Some links whose title was blank, the links were giving error 404, this was fixed, now it displays the correct page.
  • Version 1.0.4
    • Compatibility with usernames module was improved.
  • Version 1.0.3
    • Bugfix. A minor bug found when usernames is not installed.
  • Version 1.0.2
    • Bugfix in studio.
  • Version 1.0.1 
    • Fixed compatibility with timeline.
  • Version 1.0.0
    • First version.

Important for UNA Cloud Customers:

  1. This module needs php-intl installed and enabled in the server, the automatic titles in the link need this to work properly, if you see that this feature is not working, please ask your hosting support to install and enable php-intl module in the server.
  2. This module works on UNA 11 and over, in the update of UNA 11 there is a new config that was added to htaccess for apache servers, UNA cloud works on Nginx server and this new rewrite rule is not added automatically, you need to request to your hosting support for adding this new line to your Nginx config file:
  • if (!-e $request_filename ) {
    rewrite ^/your-path-to-una/(.+)$ /your-path-to-una/r.php?_q=$1 last;
  • This was already explained by Andrew Boon in the IMPORTANT UPDATE NOTES from his post "UNA 11 "Altair" Released"
  • If this rule is not added into the configs, the url "" will display error 404 "Not found", if that's your case, disable the module until your hosting support adds that rewrite rule, once done, enable it again and it will start working.

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Reviews (12)
  •  installed this on my UNA version 11 site and as soon as I download it it breaks my site, can you help

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    • I just sent you a private message, I need to take a look at your website to fix it.


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    • Hi, 

      Yesterday, we sent you a private message but did not get a reply.

      We are running Pretty Links from you, together with News from AQB Soft, we deleted some old news posts and not the Pretty Links no longer match the news posts. We have current news linking to old articles. Please can you look into this and correct it ASAP as all the Google searches are now going to the wrong place.

      Can you help?

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      • We are going to take a look at this and release a new update, we need access to your ftp to see why is this happening.


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      • Still no assistance from MSolutions looks like this developer is no longer active and product is faulty.

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        • Developer still has not replied.... 

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          • Developer still has not replied....

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            • We did the update for this module, please let us know if everything is good now. 

              Thank you.


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            • Polls are just returning the following URL's


              Doesn't matter whats the name of the poll, it's always "-"

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              • Hi romtim

                Thank you for reporting this issue, we did reproduce the problem in our testing servers and we are currently working on a fix, it will be ready in a couple of days. We will let you know as soon as it is ready for update.

                Thank you for buying our modules and supporting our work.


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                • Hi,

                  Thank you for your quick reply.

                  Looking forward to the update!

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                • Hello, the messenger shoutbox functionality within groups/spaces and other content types doesn't work with this module enabled. Instead of having independent messenger chats for every group, all of them show the same chat from one group. 

                  It also breaks the permalink at least in the email that people receive when someone comments on a "suggestion".

                  These problems disappear when you disable this module.

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                  Not logged in users can't 'Comments Post'.
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