RSS Importer

This mod allows the Site Administrator to setup RSS Feeds that automatically populates the site with News.


  • A cron job will run daily and Auto Fetch the News.
  • You can setup multiple Feeds to run at the same time.
  • News imported from Feeds are specifically flagged in the database so they can be isolated from user input News if the need arises.
  • Works with both Modzzz News and Articles modules and default UNA Posts module


Title - The  News Title.

Description - The News description

Category - Choose which Category the posts from a particular feed should be assigned to.

Language - For multi-language sites using my Articles or News module, choose which Language the posts from a particular feed should be assigned to.


Number of News to fetch each time - You can choose to import all news available in the feed at the time of the import or just a specific number.

Select Module (Articles, News or Posts)


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  • I didn't see which cronjob to setup....can you provide some insight.

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    • Only default UNA Cron job setup is needed.

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    • I'd really love to get this working.  I've tried everything I know, it will not import.  My cron job is running.

      What can I do to troubleshoot?

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      • Me too its the same, I tried with post module and news (from Jerome mod) but nothing...

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        • I have tried with Post, News, and Articles.

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        • patch 1.0.1 is released. If you have auto-update activated, it should be automatically applied. If not, download the patch and place it in una_root/modules/modzzz/newsrss/updates folder. The patch can then be installed by going to "Apps Market" in your UNA Studio.

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          • Jerome, it does not yet appear to work for me.  Is there someway to manually fire off the process and do some logging to I can see what is happening?

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            • Me too, still nothing

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              • The mod works fine now, I hope Jérôme will add the image importation from the flux in a next update. That will be really very better

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                • Version 1.0.2 has been released which allows importing of Images

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                  • Hello Jerome,

                    I have just purchased "rss importer" en "news" but I have an error when trying to add new feeds.

                    In studio, I have set "Content Module to populate with RSS feed" to "Feed"

                    Then when I click on "RSS feed list" I am redirected to the page /page/newsrss-manage . From there I click on "Add new" but I get the following error message : "Unknown control type Unknown control type".

                    Could you please help me ?

                    Thank you

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                    • Please contact me via Messenger so I can take a look at your site.  The "Content Module to populate with RSS feed"  option should show you "News", "Articles" and "Posts". There is no "Feed" option so I have to investigate what you are seeing.

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