Make your site into an entertainment center. Add an addicting games section that will surely keep your members coming back. Games are automatically pulled from external suppliers and populated into your site. This is done periodically so members are presented with fresh stuff and the game collection is ever-increasing.

The module currently imports games from and . This is done by means of a Cron Job which should import the available games immediately then check for updates on a weekly basis.

N.B. The free versions of the games which the module imports will contain Ads. You will have to purchase premium version of the games from the game suppliers to integrate your own Ads. Also, I do not own the source code for any of the imported games so I cannot make any customizations. Neither can I make any guarantee regarding the validity or functionality of any imported games.

The module will import 2000+ games upon installation and will check daily for new games.

Site Administrator can also manually add games with the module.


=> Members can post their Comments on Games.

=> Members can share Games in social networks.


=> Admin can create and manage Games Categories.

=> Admin can set Games as Featured.

=> Admin can Post-Moderate Games.

=> Admin can enable/disable which source the games should be imported from

=> Admin can configure whether or not games are automatically deleted for disabled sources. Mass deletion of disabled sources is handled by a cron job that runs nightly.


This module has compatible versions for UNA 11 and 12.

You can view my full list of modules at


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    • Thank you Jerome Mingo . I love this... I was adding Games to my site one by one when I see your done with this mod. Where did you find the games that this comes already installed?

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      • You are welcome. The games are imported from feeds provided by both and 

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      • Version 1.0.1 has been released. It adds two additional options to the Games settings to allow configuring Publisher ID and choosing which feeds to import from.

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        • This is an awesome Mod great for any community it will keep your members busy, iF you want to give your community a wow factor this mod will do it. it's totally awesome.

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          • Patch 1.0.2 is released - This provides UNA 12 compatibility  

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            • Version 1.0.3 has been released. 

              a) Fixes issue with game images not loading or loading slowly on some sites.

              b) Adds ability to disable (and optionally remove) games from a particular source

              c) Fixes issue with integration of Publisher ID

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              • Version 1.0.4 has been released.

                a) Changed layout of games main page to gallery view

                b) Fixed issue with games not imported on some sites.

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                • Hello, I can not apply 1.0.3 - 1.0.4 => 

                  Background operation failed with the following message.

                  Check Hash of the module: Can not apply upgrade because too many files (1551%) have been modified in the Games module

                  Even forcing define ('bx_force_autoupdate_max_changed_files_percent', 0.05); => 0.99

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                • Great mod, its works perfect, auto populate games at first install and import new ones to keep game list updated. 

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