This is a Classified-Type of module that is specifically tailored for Personals.  

Postings will allow the entry of information typical for dating/social connection such as personal statistics, habits, and preferences etc.

See sample list of features below.



Personals can be filtered by Orientation (Straight, Gay, etc.) 

Personals can be also filtered by Type of Relationship (Friendship, Love, etc.)

When browsing listings, you can choose to set these filters that will apply for the entire browsing session.



You can drill down Personals Listings based on location to find persons within the same City etc.



The module is integrated with the Conversations module so that it is possible to send messages right from the Personals profile page.



It is possible to post reviews of interactions with the person on the Personals profile page.

This module is compatible with UNA 12. 

You can view my full list of modules at


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  • This is a great add-on. I had some difficulty trying to edit categories and I had to do it manually within phpmyadmin but that might be my overlooking this option within the Studio. I'm pretty new to Una and that is a very good possibility.

    It would be great if we had an option to see who viewed our profile.

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    • Version 1.0.1 has been released. The module is now compatible with UNA 12. Also fixed issue with managing Categories.

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      • Please resolve the problem with UNA since this module "Personals" is still not updating and in Studio -> Apps Market the module still shows as not installed although it is installed. The version in Apps Market still  shows 1.0.0 not ver. 1.0.1 .....; This is shown in our UNA -> Studio -> Apps Market

        I am looking at your other modules but I am not going to buy any of them until this problem get resolved after loooooooong waiting.....

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        • After troubleshooting, I realized that this client had backup copy of personals inside the module folder. This was causing the issue. Once removed, everything was perfect. Problem solved.

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        • Solved with help of Jerome Mingo !

          I have this in my /modules/modzzz/ folder on server:


          after renaming "_personal-old" to " .personal-old" the problem has been solved. I can see the module in Apps Market correctly now:

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