Launch It (Countdown)

Have an upcoming project that you want to announce to the public to generate some buzz before actual launch date? Launch-It module allows you to display a clean designed count-down widget for the public to see on the main page of the site. 

Along with the ability to display a count-down, there is the option to link to several social popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn if desired. An icon will be displayed for each of the particular networking profiles for which deails have been entered. Site Visitors can then help share the news about the launch on social media.

There is the option to show the progress towards the upcoming launch. This involves displaying a 'Progress Bar' which is dependent on the start and target dates that are entered for the Project.

For the Count-Down display, it is shown in Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds.

The color scheme for the Counter can be modified in the Studio Settings for the module to suit your particular needs.

You can view my full list of modules at

countdown progress tracker 

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  • This app is great on desktop but it’s not on mobile. Can you get us a fix? 

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    • The issue with mobile view has been resolved.

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