This mod facilitates the creation of a database of Escort Ads. 

Service providers can create profiles displaying their personal statistics, rates, availability, and schedule. 

Service seekers can post Reviews on Escorts.

This is the perfect companion for the Models module (to be published shortly).


This module is compatible with UNA 2.

You can view my full list of modules at

Model Escort 

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    • I just bought this and I like it. However, the "Filter Escorts" area needs to have its own styling or it needs to look like a normal block without the border, etc. In Ludic template, there is no padding and when I add padding to the section it adds the padding to the entire site because the escorts app uses the default template's styling. If I remove the border, the links are too close together.

      I disabled the Filter Escorts block because it does not look like the rest of the page.

      The only thing else that I have noticed is that it doesn't have the add escort form in the create post block, but that's fine though. Also, I had to go in polyglot and change "favourite" to favorite, "colour" to color, and "programme" to program, but that's just language difference.

      I think that it is a clone of the groups app or the organizations app with custom fields and navigation, which is ok too.

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      • I will revisit the filter block styling. UNA is modular and extensible so modules are typically derivatives of standard base modules such as group, text or profile.

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      • This app has problems. 

        1. Language error {0}. Please look at the screenshot. When I click on an escorts orientation or gender on the escort homepage, it says "{0} escorts".

        2. When I click on an escorts category, the block shows up completely empty even though there is an escort listed. None of the escorts are even showing up in the "new escorts" blocks.

        What is going on with this app?

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        • There is no screenshot. Blocks are showing empty because you have a filter set. Once you click on one of the filter options, it will filter what is displayed for the rest of your browsing session. You can click on "view all" in the filter block to remove the filter. Otherwise, filter is removed when you close your browser.

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        • Version 1.0.1 released. Fixes language issues and also update made to filter blocks on main page.

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