Master Background Switcher

Master background switcher by allows you the freedom of creativity by choosing your own custom background "photo playlist" for your Boonex Dolphin site. Everytime there is a page request or refresh on your site's pages a random selection from your saved list will be loaded as the background image.

This module includes free installation service on your site!

Unlike templates stored in your hosting, this mod will not slow down your site because it uses image hosting URLs to call your background image. Yes! You can host your background images using the power of other servers and websites like Bayimg, dotPhoto, Flickr, Fotki, Fotolog, ImageShack, Jalbum, MyPhotoAlbum, Panoramio, Photobucket, Photoshop, PhotoWorks, Picasa Web, PictureTrail, Shutterfly, Snapfish, TinyPic, Webshots, Zooomr and many others - basically ANY image on ANY website! OR upload your own custom-tailored creation to any of these hosts! You can make the image with the highest resolution you want! It will save you server space, time, money and the patience of your site's members and visitors, which means that by giving them pleasant background pictures (without having to wait for loading) they will choose to stay on your site longer!

Please send request for demo.

Let me know if you want to test it as admin, I'll provide you personal access.

Features include:

  1. Easy to understand background “URL image location” input
  2. List of one or as many backgrounds as you desire
  3. The option to select “active or inactive” for a certain background (this way the background URL is always saved for you whenever you want to turn it on again)
  4. Delete a background from the list
  5. Image position: top center, top left, top right, bottom center, bottom left, bottom right
  6. Image repeat: no repeat, repeat vertical, repeat horizontal
  7. Image attachment: scroll, fixed
  8. Background size: contain or cover (expands any background automatically to full screen)
  9. Content background color selection
  10. Header transparency
  11. Content transparency
  12. Content background base color
  13. Page background base color
  14. The ease of changing your site's backgrounds as it's content and themes evolve!
  15. Fast, intuitive and easy management control panel

Tested with standard (default) UNA templates (Ocean, Protean).

Please feel free to ask me any questions and I will reply promptly.

You are welcome to write me on

Also please check my other modules:

Terms of purchase:

All our sales are final and no refunds will be given. Please ask all questions and request demo (if available) prior to purchase. As most of our offers are digital services, it is impossible for you to return a service to use for a refund. If you find a bug in our software, you can report it on support email and we will fix it in the next version or custom on buyer server. Finding a bug is not a reason to request a refund. However, we understand that it is impossible for us to test our software on every platform and every configuration it may encounter on other servers. Therefore if you are unable to get our software up and running on your server in the first 30 days after purchasing the software then please contact us and we will do everything within our knowledge and experience to get our software to work on your server.

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  • I was also waiting on this module creator to show up here as well!

    This one I grabbed it quickly, I like this one!

    I do have one question at the moment and it is probably going to be my configuration of the splash box I have edited.

    The box is transparent, I looked to see if I made it clear in the page layout.


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    • Thank you for reviewing my module! Wrote you a PM with the solution.
      Some templates are not having default background color, but it's easy to fix with simple css.
      I will help you.

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