Profile Sounds

This app adds a possibility for a site member to create a playlist of his/her favorite music and share it on the profile page.

Each user would be able to easily create a list and manage it anytime (see screenshot #1).

A simple player will be added as a separate block in view profile page (see screenshot #2).

The app allows to enable 'autoplay profile's playlist after viewer's activity' (see screenshot #3). It means that player will start playing profile's playlist after the first viewer's click on the page.

Feel free to contact us if you need some help!

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  • Great addition! Works good so far! Maybe the ability for user to have the playlist block hidden for visitors would be nice. I see the potential for a Music Playslist app using something like this in the future!

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    • Great app. Members were asking about something like this a while back. Thanks for another job well done. Thanks guys.

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      • Good application, well presented, makes the site more alive. It is really very pleasant.

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        • Thank you for the reviews. We greatly appreciate your opinions!

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