The App allows your members to create any type of pages, like business, fan, entertainment, information, etc. It has some special and unique features which allow to make the unique page with it's own description and layout. Your members will like our Pages App because it's powerful and userfriendly in the same time.

Main features:

  • Create a page.
  • Use Custom Desription Fields. As was mentioned above the module allows to create pages with different orientation. In this case it's critical to have possibility to provide the description which is unique for the page's orientation. For example, description fields of business page differ from the description fields of football fan page. So, the App allows your members to add any number of custom fields to describe the page as better as possible.
  • Use categories (Animals & Pets, Business & Money, Fan Clubs, etc) to organize pages better.
  • Specify location (if it's needed).
  • Each page can has its own Cover and Thumbnail images. Also you may attach additional images which can help to describe a page better and also make it more attractive.
  • Share a page's view page in social networks.
  • Use Privacy settings to control an access to a page's view page.
  • Comment on a page.
  • Browsing capabilities:
    • Latest Pages block on home page.
    • Latest Pages page.
    • Popular Pages page.
    • In UNA's Timeline.
    • etc.
  • Manage pages tool, which allows to easily manage your own pages in one place.
  • And many others.

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    • I have purchased and installed the pages app. I have a created a page and all works except the cover and thumbnail images are not displaying. They do show if you copy and paste the link to the images after uploading. So shows you the image

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      • Hello

        As I see it's not the problem of Pages app, it's the issue of photo uploader itself.
        You need to check permissions for storage folders and server's error log.

        Best Regards

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        • This is very old...been resolved, but thanks.

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        • Hi AQB Soft, I'm using the Lucid theme and the Timeline's add form does not display after click the "page" menu item.

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          • Hello, the app was updated. The issue was fixed and also reactions are now available for Pages.

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            • Thanks AQB Soft! Works great now. :) 

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              • Hello, you are welcome! Thank you for the report and I'm sorry for inconveniences.

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              • Hi AQB Soft, I would like to to have a File upload ability on Pages and then be able to show the files (as icons or links) on the Page so people can download them.   

                Is this something you could add?

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                • Two more requests. 

                  1. Can we have an option to disable the Cover image in Timeline? We are adding a cover and then adding the same image in the body field, so it looks bad to show twice in timeline.

                  2. When we add Additional Info key/values on any page, they are only being added to page with id=1. 

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                  • Hello
                    1. File uploader can be added in the next version the same as default Posts app has.
                    2. There is no way to disable cover in a Timeline post without customizations in code. Why do you use the same image twice?
                    3. Addition info fields. Could you please provide us with step by step description of how the issue can be reproduced via PM.

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                    • I am hoping you guys are still working on this. I second the thought on the file uploader the same as posts. This would be awesome and the click to pop out like the feature you added on the photo contests I requested. One more thing that would be awesome is the use of the label feature. I have tried implementing this myself, but not having to much luck. I personally use my pages more like classified pages so all these things would be great improvements. 

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                      • Hello. Yes, we continue to work with the app. You are welcome to send the list of required features to us via PM. We'll think it over and implement in the next version as meny as possible.

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                      • Are you going to update this for the current UNA versions.  Our download said it doesn't work with our version of UNA?

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