Discover Me 360 (DM3)

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Discover Me 360 (DM3)

I am the owner and CEO of 


We have started a new platform on UNA and are growing our profiles again. We started out on Dolphin platform and grew to an amazing number of 60,000+ members. Myself and others had invested over $20,000 in investment in our previous venture. (On this one I am alone right now and giving it a shot to rebuild and grow in to something great again). After a while we ran into issues and had to shut down in 2014 for a bit. So we returned to establish our name and service on UNA. I have a vision of serious goals and am building a successful service. DM3 is a social platform planning to be a multi platform of Facebook, MySpace, Tagged and Fubar. We hope the dream comes to reality. We were successful on Dolphin and want to do the same here on UNA. Although we are finding it difficult as of right now, do to content limitations, we do have faith it will grow as developers and coding specialist contribute to the content needs for a social platform.

If you haven't joined, feel free to do so. We always need more members As it grows we will be looking for developers and coding specialist to build and create new features as DM3...


"Many minds are better then one" Unknown

Thank you so much for visiting my page.