Real World Golf Ranking

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Real World Golf Ranking

Given the current winds of golf at the moment - " The Real World" Number "One" Golfer - " Is UN-KNOWN " Our Formula for calculating the number one is simple, We use published information, awarding points for a players last 52 scored matches "Entered". First place receives 100 points down to Cut or 66th place . Cuts and below are awarded 35 ( Discrepancy's can vary, and will be taken into consideration if applicable).

Real World Golf Ranking Promises to have an objective scoring model. By Scoring "ALL" Top golfers in the World, the "UN-Known" of who the best in the world is, has been and or remains to be scene,- Therefore, " We the "onlookers" of the "Great Game of Golf", Must Establish Their Own Number "ONE" in the world! In the process it is our intent to continually track at least the "Top 100 Golfers" in the World, releasing results no later than Wednesday of Each week (" With Exceptions allowed").

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