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Is it good idea for startups to raise funds and do online advertisements?I want to make my business big.

Which server is good for UNA?

I personally think that the version number of apps, should not be isolated to the app store within the studio. I think developers should add or UNA.IO developers add fields to the apps within...

Which module is more suitable for the marketplace (for example like Facebook Marketplace)?

Would you like to see a media module that displays 360° videos and photos?  The future of VR 360° media is upon us...

I think we should add Parallax advertising effect while scrolling the timeline messages. It has many advantages and users don't feel them as much annoying as other types of advertising... the UI...

Who is going on the right path?

Who is the strongest Avenger?

Can we make 'Polls' have a deadline?And be able to be visible without being active?So if we wanted to open something to voting and have it automatically end at midnight, it can be set so the...

Are we alone in the Universe?

Can we hide the results of Poll till "Certain days" after user Polls? So users can come back and then view the results once Poll is Over?

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In Font Awesome, what is your favorite icon style?

we can save the world?

What do you want to improve about UNA? 

When do you feel you are naturally in "Meditative state"

Do you vote?

Which superpower would you like to have?

If you could travel in time, would you want to see…

What is your favourite template? Please share your reasons in comments. 

What is the best way to earning money?

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You prefer a template?

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What is your preferred shape of #profile #pictures?  Please, elaborate on your choice in comments.

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