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  • Studio->Forms->Persons->6 displays->View Person area, jsut disbale the "Birthday" field.

    • Hello @Ronald Slaton !

      It is possible to change via the Studio->Developer->Forms->Persons->Add person->Birthday field area. Set there the check like "Age's range" and set the minimal and maximal values.

      • Birthdays module v1.0.2 released. Fixed an issue with the Administration page display. This App is also compatible with UNA 13

        • Hi @LeonidS : I want to add 'gender' and 'birthday' fields to the $aMarkers array of the _prepareUser() method of the BxMailchimpModule class. The problem is that BxDolProfiles->getInfo() returns the date from sys_profiles table which does not include the 'gender' or 'birthday' fields.

          What is the right method to extract 'gender' and 'birthday' data from the persons_data table so that I can add them to the array pushed to mailchimp?

          • Maybe the height could be set by the largest entry or whatever is added to the blocks.  Then as apps are added to the new app all blocks inside this app would be the same as the largest one added. I think the idea is to basically have links to smaller compact apps like moods, profile songs, upcoming birthdays, online friends etc.. Maybe with an icon.  After clicking on the link (icon) it would open said link in a popup. What do you think Will Roberts ?

            • Birthday module v1.0.1 released. Fixes an issue involving Profiles with no birthday set.

              • The problem is the members privacy settings arent being recognized. For example, I have it set so birthday and location can have privacy set to those fields in edit profile. I have it set to me only and you can still see it on any account and logged off from website.

                • Hello everyone!

                  Birthdays 1.0.0 has been released.

                  You are welcome to view full features list on product's page.

                  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

                  • Hi, first of all as infa, because I don't know if you are aware, only the user himself and the administrators can see this information from other users. It is therefore always worthwhile to create test accounts with the various memberships. But to answer your exact question, yes that is possible.

                    u go in ur Studio under the app: " Develloper" - "Fields" - "Persons" - "Edit Persons"

                    Screen 1

                    here u see a ll fields and can manage this - if u want that users can set the privacy, than open Birthday and set the Privacy settings like my 

                    Screen 2

                    it will looks like my Screen 3

                    Screen 3

                    But when u make this setting, than u should do it for Add and Edit Profile

                    • I think I solved it.

                      I went to Forms > Persons > Full View Person, and there also disabled Birthday and it now disappeared from the info section.

                      Thanks Rocco!