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  • Well from my end, conversations via conversation module still function and works as before. Only update I see are new posts populated from timeline comments and not conversation talks as you claimed.

    Every one uses their site in different ways and like I adviced since there's a simple settings fix, it shouldn't be concerning, just turn it off in studio->timeline->general  if you don't want it appearing on your timeline...

    All the same we can not speak for every site masters as this is a self-absorbed view. Regards.

    • and here is line 1920 -   I don't claim to be a programmer..  I'm not.  My specialty is visual art and music.  I'm lost here! (but dont worry I'm not editing any of these files. 😂) 

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      • Andrew, I'm very appreciate your work, but, with all due respect, the only thing I can tell you here: do not touch the pavlova before you finish your goulash. Make, please, your main product working stable in old, ancient, broken world meanings : bugles, intuitive, convenient. simple end efficient. After that - make ever experiment you want, I'll be your most involved tester there, with all passion I can offer. But, please, don't turn your product to experiment playground, we want to use it, to get social, political and money profit on it and now we can't because of endless experiments. There is always something "different and revolutionary" half-baked thing: strange and useless native app in D7, strange approach to privacy in UNA, three different timelines and multiprofile - for what??? You working so hard to crystallize new vision, maybe it not so bad idea to make something working just like others do : FB, OK, VK, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Insta? Just working stable and simple - all we ask.

        It takes me a lot of time to understand (and i still don't) why I can't see in Timeline my friend's posts, like in ALL TIMELINES IN THE WORLD and instead  I need to go to my OTHER timeline in profile to get friends and subscriptions. I can not understand what revolutionary is in Albums without option to add single photo, what the point to have standalone Photo module without ability to make an Album. What exactly I have to tell to my users on question  "what is secret purpose of the groups - w/out albums, blogs, polls?" How exactly would showing out the members list of closed group make our user's world different (except cultivating jealousy, of course)? I can't even imagine why one can't invite to group THE LIST of users and have to do it ONE BY ONE (try to invite 37 mmbrs to your event here and try to do it in FB just to understand the difference). I was shocked when have face the fact that group/event inventor have to join it! and then to make himself an administrator! - are that things not obvious? And why do not to plan it well from first time? Why multiply pic uploaded - is the thing we have to claim? Who decide to NOT put it there? And I don't ask why: I pretty sure - because of being busy on the new revolutionary thing.

        The true revolution is about to make world better, means: more safe, more simple, more convenient, more efficient. My impression is you trying to ensure me that it's very revolutionary to drive on square wheels.

        No offence, please, I'm talking to you from the bottom of my heart. I'm trying to get enjoy of your product almost 5 years, And I can't. Because of endless experiments.

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        • Hello @Alexasha !

          You may drop all actions from all levels except the admin and paid permissions and create the block with the HTML disclaimer about paid advantages containing the link to the acl-view page on the Dashboard pages. It's the easiest way with minimum changes.

          • I think, you refer to business customers b2b in your posting, because private customers do not have a tax ID. If businesses have to pay value added taxes VAT (very small businesses are excluded from VAT in almost every European country), then either the end customer has to pay it, or the business receiving the VAT invoice can claim a deduction from the VAT they owe to the tax office from their own VAT sales. VAT rates vary a lot between European countries and countries on other continents may have a completely different taxation system. That's why we are using payment services like Stripe or PayPal. They offer a system (e.g. Stripe Tax) that can handle sales from a business in one country to a customer (private or business) in another country. Certainly, they will take an additional provision for that.

            What it will need to integrate Stripe Tax service to work with UNA is a handler in the API call, that is called automatic_tax[enabled]"=true , which will trigger VAT handling as is set up in Stripe Tax.

            This information is from this site (I don't know how to change to the english version of the page, sorry).

            • Communities are also fast-moving, and what I have found now in 8 years is very expensive.

              It's not just that, I'm building a community.

              You really have to be aware in advance that you put a lot of time and work into it yourself, be it as a hobby or professionally.

              You have to have a precise plan beforehand, what do I want to achieve with it and who do I want to address and what is needed.

              Basically, as an external team, you need a team with several functions



              SEO experts



              Even in the internal team you need moderators who support you, but are difficult to find these days, or who ask for money right away.

              Anything you can't do yourself you have to organize with people and u can really pay much for it.

              That's why we should exchange ideas here much better, no one can do everything, but there is always someone who is good at at least in one thing. And we build all our projects with the same structure. Sometimes I think there is far too little communication or group formation here ... we often see ourselves too much as competitors, which we don't have to or are. We could all quickly make ourselves successful together here ;)

              It is precisely these people that you have to address specifically, everyone else will not get you anywhere in the community.

              Since I am building an 18+ site, I have locked my site in such a way that users first have to do a verification in order to be able to see the content of the site. That's where my problem begins. A lot of people don't want to and don't do it. In my eyes, sites that claim to be 18+ without any kind of verification should be taken offline.

              In addition, there are communities like sand at the more. So you have to offer something to keep up with the competition or even differentiate yourself.

              That's why I say all the time - at the moment most of them want to stream, earn money themselves, exchange or sell pictures and videos.

              Let's be honest, how do you make money yourself, or is money made?!

              By exploiting the needs of others.

              There are 2 major thematic areas that will definitely make money with a network or community.

              1. Erotica

              2. Games

              3. Tube Sites / Streaming


              ... statically make the most sales on the Internet.

              And I've read studies that mobile apps will not be the future, but desktop apps are on the rise

              • I think, it depends on the project you want to realize. The UNA community framework has claimed the greatest possible flexibility for whatever you want to create. When you want to create a twitter-like site then you might prefer hashtagging, when you want to realize a business app, it may be better to chose labels in forms. keywords have a clear meaning and are used for search forms or in relation with search engines in a broader meaning. The flexibility is shown in the fact that you can almost everything turn on, when needed, or turned off, when you don't need the functionality for your project.

                • Hello @Genesis !

                  You may post a disclaimer or information about it in the block's title.

                  • Hello @Genesis !

                    You may add the RAW / Language block with the disclaimer message to the "Delete profile" page in the Studio->Pages->Persons area.

                    • New Messages from Paypal

                      An update on case PP-D-144551388

                      We reviewed all the details of your claim. Based on the information we have to date, we'll have to deny your claim. This decision was made because your billing dispute doesn't match our qualification for a billing dispute.

                      Case details

                      Dispute Case IDPP-D-144551388Transaction amount$100,00 USDDispute amount$1,00 USDTransaction ID9E273915FN866740GTransaction date13 March 2022If you have any additional information please send it to us.

                      As a valued customer, we want to give you an opportunity to provide us with additional information that could change the outcome of this case. If you have information that may help us decide this case in your favor, please send it to us. If you would like to appeal this decision, please contact us by clicking Help & Contact at the bottom of any PayPal page.


                      • Hello @Jopel !

                        I've deleted the attached picture in your post. We don't allow posting similar materials here and don't provide hosting services for similar sites. But we don't forbid to use UNA on the own hosting for own purposes. And @adultdate didn't show it here as I remember. As I informed in another thread he was out of work with Covid-19 and will answer to all his customers very soon. As we can't check it we may give him a little time to fix this situation. His problem mod was deactivated for now. So it's possible to little wait. But if you don't want to wait for it then you may claim the deal via Payment Provider too.

                        • Sorry for delays, it was weekend, so I little forgot. Now this this mod has been deactivated. You need to claim the deal via the Payment Provider. I guess it will force the vendor to answer you faster.

                          • Claim Profile module (NEW MODULE) has been published