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  • There is a place in Chiapas, Mexico. An independent indigenous village little known to the public runs on a Democracy. They call it "adaptive Democracy". They all agree that everybody has a place and a function, but depending on circumstances or situation, the leadership and method changes or adapts. They regard ideologies as tools, which all are efficient, depending on the situation. Let's say there is a drought and the harvest is dying. Because the survival of the people depends on the harvest, it is the farmers that become the leading faction. They are in charge until the problem is solved. when the problem has been solved, the system adapt again to what is most pressing. If there are no issues, then the "maintenance" team takes over, to keep things stable and running. In case of conflict, another group of experts take over until the conflict is resolved and so on.
    They have some different rules. They don't allow pictures to be taken. Use of alcohol and drugs follows a death sentence. Killing is allowed under certain circumstances(but happens rarely). Everybody are, by law, required to carry a weapon(or more) for self-defense. Animals are not killed or shunned, unless they are threatening the lives of the community. But a Jaguar who takes one single kid for food, is okay and is left alone. They have the understanding that if they kill nature, they kill themselves. They do not allow religions access. Since 1950's they started killing missionaries. In the beginning there was a little conflict with the state of Chiapas, but it was resolved by putting up a sign at the only road going to the village that clearly stated that religious missionaries where not accepted. They have one computer with a 28.8K modem. The generator runs by two people turning a wheel outside. Otherwise no other modern technology is allowed.

    Hardcore people of nature.

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    • It's hard to predict, the world is unstable. But I still see a growing allergy against the monopoly and the power of mega-structures in different areas. Here in Europe, we see this strikingly in the field of information, people are increasingly leaving the Mainstream media in favor of smaller structures and above all independent of big finance and advertising agencies which more and more disconnect people from reality. There is clearly an awareness and a desire to return to the "smallest", the "homemade", the local, the real or ultimately passions are reborn. We see the same thing in politics, the same thing in terms of consumption, food and climate, I think everything is linked.
      So I think we should take advantage of this dynamism one day or the other, because it looks like the alternative has the wind in the back.

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      • It gets a make over after each storm in some way. Puerto Rico was the last big project that had to have a huge Telecom rebuild. It doesn't take long to get communications back up, the big companies pay to send fleets at a time and expect minimum 14-16hr days from contractors.

        My main concern for them was clean water and enough food, medicine, things like that. The mold issues will start soon, if not already.

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        • ย Thanks Will Roberts , That's very interesting and good food for thought. Maybe a good idea to move stuff from homepage to other pages like dashboard and profile pages. Try to attract members to profile pages. Leave the homepage to mostly about timeline and simple links to other pages?ย 

          ย We have Daytona bike week coming up in a few months and I'm less than a hour from there. You give me some really good thoughts. Thanks again.

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          • The group admin can create a list of roles for group members to pick from. For example, a basketball group will have point guard, center, coach, etc. Each person can pick one or, if the group admin allows it, they can pick more than one. A food group can have vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic.

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            • Working on an article, I came across an interesting fact in regards to Jeff Bezos, while we all know he owns Whole Foods, Amazon and the Washington Post, what most don't realize is he owns $3.1B USD in Google, large stake in Twitter (invested $50M USDw/initial stake of $15M USD), obviously Alexa, Uber, Facebook and should I keep going? ย When he bought Whole Foods he shortly took away the approx 1900 employess healthcare benefits. ย 

              Bezos is the best example of an individual viewing their customers are a marketing commodity, utilizing cookies to determine trends and sell those members. ย Remember, this is what Robinhood just got caught doing in the GameStop mess, selling members info to their competion, ie the hedgefunds. ย 

              This is why I've banned all robots from my site, which I recognize will stunt our intial growth, that compbined with setting the site for the app to download w/out the apple/google stores in the end it's the best way we have to protect member privacy. ย 

              While Apple is inherently not good, right now they are the lesser of 2 evils.ย ย 

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              • I hope for Andrew's Sake he is fine. ย I have some good friends in Melbourne and Turanga, out on the eastern tip- actually lot of good folk out that way really good folk, and all reports are that most cannot drive more than 5km from the home, except to market and back. ย  so that is pretty strict, i cannot imagine anyone easing into that.

                as for health, I hope Andrew is fine. I hear without offering medical advice that if you can keep your immune system calm, and give lots of powdered or capsuled vitamin C (you can buy it for 6$ in 250g bulk bags or capsuled) good mental outlook of a champion , sleep, good food and i suspect most people would make it out ok. The trick would be in your awareness as like most respiratory viruses, they create mucus. This is basically like the flu, that turned into bronchitis, but isnt a virus. so thats why its a bit new to the body and the govts have all been worried about it.

                otherwise, if you have been sick a lot as a kid, or adult- odds are you are totally fine and just practice proper and good hygiene, and often. :)

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                • well :) ย i admire your moxie and effort you've been putting into this. ย even if its not been working how you want it to, thats basically a pretty good introduction to the rites of passage of how it feels to try and get something running.. computers are not simple :)

                  imagine this: you're installing a new microwave in someones house, but that microwave is supposed to keep track of what everyone in the entire house hold ate, as well as take orders for each meal they're wanting, and what kind of sides, appetizers, etc, and then its supposed to be set up to cook all the food automatically and deliver it to their rooms...

                  thats a loose analogy, but una is about as complicated as this theorhetical microwave.

                  you definitely jumped into something thats more complicated than you initially thought, but that doesn't mean you wont get there, but it is currently showing you holes in stuff you'd need to learn to get the results you want, in this case the microwave you're trying to install (una is the microwave here), working and taking food orders for the household. ย (the household are your site users past present or future.) ย  :) ย 

                  i know analogies are a bit irritating "just give me the straight dope! i want the answer!" ย well, ha there are no straight answers unless the level of complexity in a problem has been reduced to 1-2 variables or items that may affect it.. ย like, it wont turn on, (well is it plugged in?) ย okay then plug it in, yay! ย OR - well shit, it's indeed plugged in,.. ย then this opens up about 5-7 different variables that are inbetween the power button and the users expectations (for the microwave to turn on), and then you have to troubleshoot the flow of logic between "i push da button and he turns on and i see the clock on the display on the microwave" and , all the ciruits and components inside the microwave that may or may not be installed improperly or configured improperly, ย (in this case im referring to components of una). ย 

                  you are welcome to join my site and try and just enjoy being able to use una with the goal of looking at stuff and asking how it works, if thats helpful while you're learning more.

                  and as far as the email stuff goes, i got my email because i dont use gmail, hotmail yahoo or any of the major mail providers, i use my own.. ย  ย  which, means my email always works. ย the major ones have a lot of hiccups in getting emails from websites that are not biggies, like facebook, or linkedin or so on, ย this is a WHOLE nother world of soup though, and the peripheral words are things like, "blacklist" "whitelist" "dnsMasq" "iPerf" "sendmail" "spool"and well honestly mail is a pretty large rabbit-hole. ย or more like hobbit den.

                  :) ย 

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                  • google knows everything. ย it's plugged into the data sharing metrics with DARPA. ย  every single piece of internet traffic worldwide, flows through DARPA's server system. ย it is the top of the food chain in terms of touching all files that happen on / through / over / under / above / below / --inside-- the internet.

                    the internet in general is largely mis-understood. it's a distributed system of many computers but with centralized nodal points, that facilitate and regulate and manage the flow of information. at the base of that mesh of "the internet" is the DARPA servers and their systems.

                    thats what happens when you invent something, and build it so you always have access.
                    nothing you do on the internet is private, ever, really, but that's not even the point :)

                    if you ask me, we are inside a black hole, and created the internet as a means to communicate a bit better in a singularity event, but this would take me a while to describe here.... and is another layer to the cake, as it were. :)

                    but google knows whatever it needs to know, or wants to know, because it is a creation of the defense industry and DARPA is a part of the defense industry. :)

                    defense from whom? ย well, another story entirely, but its not from other people. ย ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ™ƒ

                    with deference to your original question, hower - Andrew already hit the nail on the head. ย I just wanted to throw this extra pickles in for fun.

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                    • No Im looking for more of a Facebook/MySpace feel, with content like I have on my current Dolphin site.

                      Features Like:

                      Some of the content we have: (But not everything)
                      Profiles (Like old Myspace Customizable)
                      All features of Facebook
                      Hot or Not
                      Pages for business, celebs, bands, real estate, etc.
                      Accounts page like facebook
                      Privacy settings
                      Private folders
                      Photo, Video, music, file, Sound sharing
                      Profile Tags
                      Band Pages
                      Virtual Gift system
                      Social Rings, Top friends
                      Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Connect (Coming soon)
                      Games (Some there now, more coming soon)
                      Chat rooms (Video/Audio) Coming Soon)
                      DM3 Store (As well as you can make your own)
                      Voting Polls
                      F MyLife
                      Flirts and Pokes
                      Like and Dislike button
                      Food Recipes
                      Rewards and
                      Member Verification system (No more fake profiles)
                      Awards/Points System
                      Websites Pages
                      Mobile App (Coming Soon)

                      This is just the beginning stages. Again NEW Content is added all the time.

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                      • Some times i wonder if they send this to push me to other directions . I feel like they can't that night but the staff tomorrow may be i am trying to get this together for a site to help the homeless and low income gain work . So any help or ideas are so appreciated . Some of our ideas we are trying to set up over the years .

                        • ย Where it is true that there is food to get . Beds to sleep in ,supplied for the homeless in shelter styled places.
                        • These methods are good for the day but how do we fix this issue now that its out of ย Control.
                        • Work Direct suggests that we have the answer in --The Homeless Watch Club ----
                        • The Petition is to get the cities to sponsor and help us in our ideas.
                        • The Homeless Watch Club will work out of building supplied by the City for the cause .
                        • The Following will be Operated / Instigated out of office
                        • The Elimination of the word Charity ( The recognizing of a new way needed )
                        • Homeless Awareness walk ( ย Sponsors for walkers who complete the walk )
                        • Family Sponsors ( to reach out and help a family get back on its feet )>
                        • Volunteer Housing ( First Three Months Free )
                        • Emergency Contact ย ( Sponsors willing to help out with Emergency Situations) .
                        • Telephone drop for internet access ( Canadians who want to give old phones for WiFi access to get work )
                        • Work Direct for Temp service Online ( The Homeless can not work full time until they have housing)
                        • The homeless and there Canadian Human Rights & Ethics ( is there a point where the Canadians that have lostย control or there way ,lose there Canadian Human Rights) ??
                        • ย Should the Churches and Community halls be open in Weather below Zero ?? ( Is Money coming before Canadian Human Life )
                        • ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ย >Please leave any further Ideas or Plans that could further and better this Layout<
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                        • Very annoying and it is una recommended ย the TMD. They must ย communicate each to just pre configure it for una and una app to worrk 100%.ย 

                          "Its like a feeling of a child looking for a parents to clarify stages of life and how to go about it. But they dont care with it they just give them shelter and food to eat and forget about the other thing."

                          Releasing an app which is not gonna work with other url or recommended host and no real support its like a sinking boat without a captain.

                          Very disappointed at the moment.

                          Sorry to say.

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                          • im using chrome i cleared the browser cache and they seem to be working no so thanks guys and merry christmas to you all just had xmas lunch and im like a butchers pup, full belly now nees to find a corner and go into a food coma !!๐Ÿ˜ย 

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                            UNA - Network Infrastructure for Communities