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  • Yes, as you know, I am passionate about e-learning, I figure that if we are going to be on the internet, we might as well be doing something constructive, there is so much positivity that can be unleashed with social media, the big players in the market have really just given us some bad examples!

    With our UNA LMS we really want to motivate people to learn and engage around ideas, knowledge based communities are going to be the central to the evolution of the UNA-verse in the days to come.

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    • Hi, can anybody help, please? I can see the following in my dashboard...

      I clicked on the update button but nothing happens, update is not taking working, any ideas?

      Version: 12.0.0-B1 Installed: 21 Jan 2021

      UNA 12.0.1 is available!ย 
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      • I am newbie to Una with no dev background. I like the modular nature and simplicity of the plug and play style adapted. It makes it seamless to use Una even if you are inexperienced. Well done Andrew! Sharing ideas such as Una is richer than having millions in the bank. We're your bank balance. Stay Blessed๐Ÿ™ย 


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        • Hey Gritly - it's great to see that you are tapping into the opportunity within UNA. Andrew Boonย Alex T and I have had these same conversation, really, the social community is the first step, I believe that the 'Applied Social Community' of 'Social Community with a Specific Purpose' is the future. We are working on a few concepts of our own, and on behalf of other clients atm. I'm really passionate about developing a Learning Management System, and we are going to begin work on that after the UNA 10 release. (think Moodle meets Facebook) We are also working on a full ticketing solution on behalf of a client, so yeah the potential applications are diverse and many. Any other ideas you've got, we'd love the hear them :)

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          • Any ideas about this Alex Tโšœ๏ธย  Andrew Boonย 

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            • Hi Pethol,

              May I kindly recommend you ย to just work more on UNA or ask professional help from UNA team to realize your ideas.

              UNA is capable of many things it is a wonderful tool to create different kinds of portals.

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              • My Upload_max_filesize and post_max_size is set to 32MB, but I still encounter the issue.ย  Any other ideas?

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                • Very good news indeed, it is someone who has a whole community behind him and this because he has very good ideas and he is serious. I saw on Boonex forums that there are people who are still very skeptical in UNA regard, so I think it can attract people here. And also, it is proof that una matures, that good!

                  What a pretty decor for this video :-)

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                  • Oh yes, you're right, miracle recipe that we would sell dear! You are already doing something important, you and your team, by your answers, in a way you are also animators.

                    I mean, in my opinion the best site is the site that does not need external notifications to work. For my part, you get there, I never look email notifications, I know it has always happened during my absence, so of course I come to see and that's great result! (limit addiction).

                    For fields, I do not know, you're smarter than me. Just that I realize that I rarely visit a profile here on I wondered why, well, it's because I do not learn anything if I do it. I do not think I'm the only one, because for a while, there's an empty key and I do not think anyone has seen it and posted it. (_sys_form_input_location). So a team did not see either.

                    I know, you'll tell me, this is not a dating site. Ok but, but that does not prevent friendships and links, so between help and movement, can work better. And then you start vlog by "hello community", so I think that knowing a minimum to whom it is addressed can only be a good thing to reinforce it.

                    For the fields, the first thing I think is "your websites" or / and "your achievements with una" would already be a good thing. If you look at my profile, I indicated this in my description and I am often contacted for questions and / or notices.

                    On my side, it can also give me ideas.

                    In addition the three current fields are not even mandatory, so even the basic info is often missing. Between a dating site and the CIA website, there is a happy medium :-)

                    Because for now, you have 1985 secret agents :-)

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                    • It's cool, but it's the same problem everywhere, only a few have chosen the options "fingers" and "ideas" at birth.

                      Maybe more complete profiles would encourage participation and interaction among members? ...

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                      • The reason why FB will be hard to stop is that many other social networks have let them steal their ideas with almost no effort. In order for a Social Network to compete with Facebook it would need a new innovative idea concept and then fiercely defend it from being stolen. I believe UNA has the potential to do this. They did it with Dolphin wich had an army of developers in the Marketplace and had new ideas that Facebook didn't have. Had Dolphin been faster with updating the site to fit mobile and apps we might have had a few UNA site contenders. My old website had over 35,000 members with ZERO advertising from all over the world. People flock to sites that have something NEW...but once Facebook steals the idea...well people go right back to Facebook. So we need a site that has everything Facebook has but pushes for new innovation ideas and stays ahead of what people are interested in. Dolphin was once light years ahead of Facebook but now UNA is far behind most sites with stuff like Livestreaming etc. With this new UNA team I do believe we can quickly catch up...the team needs to be open to new ideas and what's popular even if it's something they themselves aren't interested in. Maybe assign a couple members to be part of a research team that looks for new ideas and concepts.ย 

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                        • Love this. Could you also post this in the Boonex Dolphin site Also? Many developers may want to take a look. I really am interested in Graphic User Interface designers. Also need developers/coders that are social network savvy and can spot new mod ideas

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                          • One little thing I need help with! I've changed the language key for the welcome message at the top of the homepage but I couldn't get it to save with the code for the 'Join Now' button, any ideas? Can someone also give me the html for the join now button as I've lost it!

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                            • Thank you, Martin-ssoย 

                              There are many good ideas and suggestions in your post. You are most welcome to post them one by one as issues to our GitHub repo and we'll assess to schedule the approved ones for development.

                              In regards to some of the comparisons with WP... As you can see in most cases the way WP handles modifications is through plugins. This is possible in the same manner is UNA - one can write a module which would add a block to multiple pages, or an SEO module, or even a UI for direct editing for pages. WP has the advantage of being very well funded and widely popular - so there are quite simply a lot of modules available for it. This, however, may be a problem as well - core site features that heavily reply on 3rd party modules make the platform susceptible to dependency issues and make it difficult for webmasters to access support. If, say, one day for some reason half of the site pages return a "strange" error - who is supposed to help the webmaster? There may be 10 different uncoordinated companies that produced modules those pages depend on. Same can happen with UNA, but at least we try to produce most of the core modules in-house, so that if you have to deactivate 3rd-party modules the site is still functional.

                              That is not to say that I don't support WP. On the contrary - I believe that Automatic is doing a great job and I have big respect for Matt and his team. I have communicated years ago and my impression was that he really has the best intentions and solid vision.ย 

                              The way I see the difference is that WP is more like Unix - it's a stable, solid core, but if you want to put together a sophisticated OS, you'd have to be prepared to deal with lots of tricky components. UNA is being built to be more like MacOS - a more "vertical" system with a number of usable apps available out-of-the-box, and a more controlled apps market.ย 

                              Also, in terms of the platform structure - UNA is more like Drupal and less like WP. More of a framework than a CMS.ย 

                              In Drupal, all content is presented as "nodes" where some nodes can reference other nodes as parents. The went quite hardcore on this in Drupal 8 and everything is node now. Only "comments" are notes nodes - they're attached to nodes.

                              UNA is similar - we have "pages", which can be presented in different "views" - and you control all those views in the Studio. Plus, since UNA is a community-management-system, we have "objects" that attach to pages - comments (like in Drupal), reactions, attachments, votes, etc.

                              Such structure in both Drupal and in UNA allows for the creation of new content types. This is why we can create new types of modules relatively quickly - blogs, discussions, albums, etc.ย 

                              Another big benefit in UNA is the "context" modules - containers for content if you will. These are profiles, groups, events, spaces, etc. You can make something similar in Drupal by creating module with parent-type nodes, but it would be a lot of work - you'd be building a CMS basically. So, in UNA we do this legwork and create most of the basic content and context modules to start you off.ย 

                              This is the difference between WP, Drupal and UNA in a nutshell. I love all three (not equally though ๐Ÿ˜).ย 

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                              • You are right - information, money, influence - all of there are types of value that humans are competing for. Itโ€™s the war of all centuries, simply taking different forms.ย 

                                In fact, monopolisation effect is also part of how nature works. Strong get stronger, weak get weaker. ย Rich get richer, poor stay poor. ย The biggest puppy gets all the milk. In isolated environment this tendency is inevitable. We also know that we canโ€™t simply force redistribution - it would disproportionally benefit underperformers and destroy excellence. In social structures history we already went through disasters of forced redistribution. Equality of outcome has got to be the most stupid and destructive idea humans ever conceived ย 

                                Luckily natural ecosystems are not isolated. They change. Change of environment is the absolute best way of bringing about a long term equality of opportunity. No matter how big a locust plague is, it will collapse at some point - due to some natural change, like a huge storm, drought or hurricane. Tech world monopolies can be a lot more resilient than locust, though and the hurricane that would change the environment has to be purposefully built. Not a destructive hurricane, mind you, but a hurricane of new ideas and initiatives that changes the tech landscape enough to subdue tech monopolies or force them to adapt and become cooperative players.

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                                • Followed Baloo's instruction. ย Buttons now read 9.0.1 - same error and no update to 9.0.1.

                                  I assume I will have to reinstall. ย I don't want to lose the 500 beta users, but I am assuming that is the only way. ย Just doesn't seem like a good option. ย 

                                  Any ideas?

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                                  • This is a super video, Mark. Much thanks!

                                    My Timeline Posting box (add post) does not appear on my phone. But it does on my Desktop. It seems that I have phone selected in the show viewport setting but I cannot remove the phone setting. Any ideas?

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                                    • The kids of 2030 will be like Facewhat??? Whats that..? There's parts of it that I love - so many people congregating around ideas and conversations is ย incredibly powerful, potentially wonderful, worldย changing, something that we all dreamt of for so long. But the powers that be ie. Mark Z have proven unequivocally that they cannot be trusted - so we need to make ourselves the 'new powers that be.' Hopefully working together as a synchronous collective - bring on the Data Transfer Project!

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                                      • Hello Mark, yes, rest assured, I will not hang myself right now, I just bought the rope :-)

                                        I am still here because I am well aware of what you explain to me, I know that the road is long and difficult. and you have to put one foot and then the other.

                                        For ideas, I have a lot. But useless to talk to make wind.

                                        If you want an example, read here and look at the date, just a module, and I'm still waiting ... AQB knows me well, he knows in advance what he will sell me. But you know they are not 250 guys and they can not cut their brain into 8 parts.

                                        Already, I'm waiting for all their modules related to security, they know well, useless that I give other ideas before that. I will not ask for dessert before the main course you understand?

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                                        • HI Baloo - yes I understand this - but of course bear in mind that Dolphin had ovef a decade ย to develop the eco-system whilst UNA is just a baby.

                                          We began building UNA because we understood that the underlying platform of Dolphin was not steady enough to support complex deployments, what we have in UNA is a phenomenally versatile and stable Platform, but (as yet) without the vast eco-system of customised solutions to Dolphin offers.

                                          I don't doubt that once UNA 9 is with us - we will have a rapid evolution of UNA Solutions - it is our team focus for the next year to expand the UNA-verse and encourage/support others to do the same. AQB Soft are well on the game, and I'm sure that many others, including Modzzz will be releasing a lot more products through the UNA Market soon.

                                          Maybe you have some ideas for some cool modules/configurations you would like to add..? ๐Ÿ˜Ž ย 

                                          The key advantage here is that as UNA grows we know that these 3rd party modules will remain compatible, and auto-updates will continue to work because there is a thorough vetting process on each new module added.

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                                          Forum's Comments
                                          • That did not seem to work for me. Ideas?

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                                            • Hey Everyone, I was able to get the jot server setup in my on-premise ubuntu and have my una hosted on tmd, I am able to get the messaging page to pop up and show users but when they try to send a message it just says connecting at the bottom. Any ideas what I`m missing?

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                                              • Suggestions (Ideas) module - Patch 1.0.4 is released - some layout adjustments made, breadcrumb added to comments/staff comments pages, fixed issue with uninstallation leaving fragments in the database.

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                                                • I'm having this issue too. Any ideas on a fix?

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                                                  • thanks Roccoย  but that didn't help. It still won't work on Android.

                                                    ย LeonidS , might you have any ideas why this login button won't work with the Android 1.5 app? It works on everything else.

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                                                    • Alex Tโšœ๏ธย LeonidSย any ideas

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                                                      • I actually found some code and figured out how to do it but it doesnโ€™t look that great. Anyone have any ideas how to make a text bubble like my previous screenshot. See attached screenshot of what Iโ€™ve done so far. It would probably be OK if I can do the bubble for the text. Any ideas?

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                                                        • It's happening again. This time with the profile page. Have tried removing one block at a time and testing. I have also removed all blocks, tested, and added them back one at a time, testing as each block is added, and still nothing. The only thing I have done different is uninstalling and deleting the Organizations app, which has been disabled for awhile because there were problems with it. It did not completely uninstall. There are still remnants of the app in navigation which I have disabled from view. Any ideas from anyone? Alex Tโšœ๏ธ can you help? I can provide my login credentials for you if you can help.

                                                          Sorry I can't help directly, unless you're hosting on UNA Cloud.

                                                          But if you could check you web-server error log for any particular error when this happens and post it here I would probably will be able to advice something. If you can't find related error log, please ask your hosting support to find the error in error log.

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                                                          • It's happening again. This time with the profile page. Have tried removing one block at a time and testing. I have also removed all blocks, tested, and added them back one at a time, testing as each block is added, and still nothing. The only thing I have done different is uninstalling and deleting the Organizations app, which has been disabled for awhile because there were problems with it. It did not completely uninstall. There are still remnants of the app in navigation which I have disabled from view. Any ideas from anyone? Alex Tโšœ๏ธ can you help? I can provide my login credentials for you if you can help.

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                                                            • The developers will see my sites and take my ideas.

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                                                              Polls' Comments
                                                              • I have to disagree with you shark ย I mean a home page is the main landing area of a site. If it isnโ€™t great then you lose people. Drop off is not good. Giving site owners ideas and the ability to know what they can do is a great idea

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                                                                • Thank you for the ideas and thoughts, we can't comment it yet since we haven't reseach any of these options, I've added it to the ticked for the future:


                                                                  So we'll consider them when we'll implement learning features.

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                                                                  • Hello, thanks a lot for a detailed information regarding the upcoming pre -configured solutions/packages built on UNA platform. I thought of two ideas but you already have them both on your list - 1) I may know of a Gas company, which should be testing UNA as a Corporate (Intranet) Network for their team collaboration and file sharing.

                                                                    The most interesting on your list, however, is the #1. Even if, there are many PHP based LMS' (like Moodle, ILIAS, etc), UNA could be a neat alternative for those who are into corporate training business. Lastly, sorry for these messy thoughts/questions - is UNA an LTI enabled platform? How about supporting xAPI (TinCan)? Segment? Or may be it would be better to have integration with Concerto Platform, in future?

                                                                    P.S. In fact, what I meant was, UNA + Concerto Platform could easily compete with Valamis.

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                                                                    Products' Reviews
                                                                    • Nice,.. Good work MSolutions ...ย  works very well. I agree with above thou, Please add an option to reset to default and Cem has many great ideas above. Would only make a good thing much better.

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                                                                      • Thx for the reply. Right now I did a complete reinstall of the News 4.0.0 module. Same situation. Many strings are not set, and do not exist - as described above. All other AQB modules (quiet a lot) work like a charm, news module does not.

                                                                        I'm using UNA 12 since 3 days, unacloud 4 hosted, no changes at all... just a fresh UNA 12 with core, premium and 3rd party modules,ย 

                                                                        strange... any ideas?

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                                                                        • Hi AQB Soft Team,

                                                                          just bought your Points System module today and experience the same problem like Ryan. The module does not level-up membership by defined points target.

                                                                          Just to explain my setting: I have Standard members who can buy a yearly subscription, which will level them up to Supporting members. Those supporting members can become Expert members by gaining points which I'd like to realize with your Points System module. I did the entries in the picture and allocated the right amount of points to a supporting member, but it doesn't level up.

                                                                          Any ideas?

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                                                                          • Excellent! The must have app to connect with your users and clients needs through suggestions or ideas for a better service or product. I thank you for this.

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                                                                            • Excellent, I advise for all sites where it is important to have complete profiles, it helps a lot and fulfilled perfectly its role. In a few days, many have completed their profile, it's great. Thank you AQB. Always good ideas and always work well done! :-)

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                                                                              UNA - Network Infrastructure for Communities