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  • Hi Andrew Boon

    I created an account in OneSignal.
    I selected Webpush-Typical site setup.
    I uploaded some files to the root and added code in Designer-Injections-HEAD
    I also added OneSignal App ID and REST API Key in Studio-Settings-System-Push notifications.
    The Notifications app already had it installed.

    By entering now if the notification appears. Is this one-time or are there other events that will make a notification appear?


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    • Please try to work on the injection too. Some of us have problem adding codes to the <head> through INJECTION at studio. Personally, I've not been able to implement adsense on my website because the Injection won't load in the code. It's even more depressing when you want to add other web master codes too. Like Onesignal and all.Β 

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      • Thanks. l got like 500 injections with a green florescent substance. Maybe I will get a superpower and become "Una-man"or something...
        A feverish mind is a highly creative mind...

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        • Custom block or a block from a module? If from a module, block content is controlled by module functionality, so you may have to make a custom modification or use CSS injections in the template to restyle what you need.Β 

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          • I followed the instructions, however, on the Cookies Consent site after you create the code, there are two code boxes, one for the Header and one for the Body.

            I placed each in their respective boxes and clicked "Submit". I could see the url at the lower left pop-up and something was happening, however I never received the notification pop-up that confirmed any changes.Β 

            If I navigate away from that injection tab to anywhere else and return, the boxes are empty. Same goes for the Splash enabler box, I check it and hit save and it even confirms the changes, but when I navigate away and return, the box is unchecked.

            Do I need to somehow duplicate the Protean template before I am allowed to make changes in Designer?

            I do not see how this would change anything, as I was able to easily add my logo and all of that.

            Thank you in advance!


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            • One more question: where does the Enhancement for: Allow custom JS in templates appear? I looked in the Protean template system, and saw only the Custom Styles section but no Custom JS section. Is there another place (besides Designer > Template > Injections?) Thanks!

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              • Yes, you are most welcome to change. Just make sure you use popular default fonts that both MAcOS and Windows would have, or connect Google Fonts of your choice by copy-pasting the embed code via Designer > Injections.

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                • added this to my una website using injections but the banner does not appear

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                  • That's rather strange... are you able to take and share a screenshot here of what your HEAD injection looks like? In the meantime, also try this.

                    Β @keyframes pulse-animation {
                    Β  0% {
                    Β Β Β Β Β  font-size-adjust: 0.5; }
                    Β  100% {
                    Β Β Β  font-size-adjust: 0.7;
                    Β  }
                    i.bars {
                    Β Β Β  animation-name: pulse-animation;
                    Β Β Β  animation-duration: 2s;
                    Β Β Β  animation-iteration-count: infinite;
                    Β Β Β  animation-direction: alternate;
                    Β Β Β  animation-timing-function: ease-in-out;

                    There's not much difference between the CSS I provided before aside from renaming the animation and removing all CSS comments.

                    Also try clearing your cache from the Dashboard from Studio.ο»Ώ

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                    • Studio > Designer > Injections > Head

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                      • How did you place it in injections? Tested it from my end and it works.

                        Injections Window:

                        Protean Theme View:

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                        • Oh yeah, got you now ο»Ώ@LeonidSο»Ώ Thank you so much. It is the same code that can be used either in the Header injection or in the Raw. I thought they were differents codes. I have tried the same code using the Raw method and it works. Thx

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                          • Wow!!! you are just a genius. Thanks a lot. It works. with the 'Please select...' variant added back, the warning (Error message: Address not found) has disappeared when loading the page. Everything works fine.

                            My last question still remains unanswered. You provided the solution for the header injection (global). What about if i had to use the raw and add the code on a page per page basis to diaplay 3 countries and to add the 'Please select...' variant? How should the code you provided below look?

                            <script language="javascript">

                            Β $(".bx-form-input-location-country option[value!='US']").remove();



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                            • Here are some feedback. I tried both methods (Raw and Header Injection). They both work. Thank you so much. I have just noticed that there is a small thing that needs to be fixed.

                              Both methods displays a warning (small error message) after loading the page, just under the Postal Code Field. Where it was supposed to be showing this message 'Address is undefined', instead there is this red cross icon in a circle with this error message: 'Address not found'. The warning appears without even entering any informationa and even when I test the code with a single country e.g: ['US']. Maybe it's because both codes you provided above remove the 'Please select...' option in the country field (I am just guessing).

                              Please could you like to add back the 'Please Select...' option of the country field in both methods (Raw and Header Injection)? Maybe it will prevent the warning from appearing after laoding the page. Also when we have 2 or 3 countries in the list, it would be good to invite users to select one country by displaying the 'Please select...'option instead of preselecting a value for them in the country field.

                              Last but not the least, you forgot to answer my question in my previous post. What would have been the code to use in the Raw block if we were to leave 3 countries? E.g: US, CA, GB ? Like thie code below?

                              $(".bx-form-input-location-country option[value!='US, CA, GB]").remove();

                              Many Thanks

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                              • No, it would be much different. Go to the Studio->Designer->Injections->Head injection area and place there the following code:

                                <script language="javascript">

                                $(document).ready(function() {

                                Β Β var oField = $(".bx-form-input-location-country");

                                $.each(['GB', 'CA', 'US'], function( iIndex, sValue ) {

                                Β Β Β oField.find("option[value='" + sValue + "']").val("---" + sValue);

                                Β Β });

                                Β  oField.find("option:not([value^='---'])").remove();

                                Β  oField.find("option").each(function(){

                                Β Β Β var sNew = $(this).val();

                                Β Β Β $(this).val(sNew.replace('---', ''));

                                Β Β });



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                                • Ok. Thank you very much. I am going to give it a try and let you know. Now my question is instaed of adding it on a page per page basis, isn't there a way to add it globably? Maybe through main header injection? (just asking).

                                  Also what about if I would like to leave visible 3 countries: US, CA, UK, the code above should be like this, right?

                                  $(".bx-form-input-location-country option[value!='US, CA, UK']").remove();

                                  Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks

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                                  • ο»Ώ@LeonidSο»Ώ I installed Recaptcha v2 keys but still don't see Recaptcha challenge it during login or account creation. I also installed Google ReCaptcha Enterprise code in home page injection block, but still don't see it.

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                                    • Hello ο»Ώ@Scotti ο»Ώ !

                                      Well, it's unobviously needed thing I guess. You may change the width of the current page via editing of the Injection option. Or via adding the raw block with the proper JavaScript code.

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                                      Products' Reviews
                                      • We have extensively tested site speed, and taken a long hard look at UserNames, I can safely say that UserNames does not slow down your Site. The biggest bottle necks come from other places.Β 

                                        Usernames is a fairly good module, it does need to be polished as it is lacking in a number of areas and the developer is not willing to improve, but the module works well and does what it is designed to do. Even with the feature failings in the module I would recommend purchasing Usernames and supporting this developer as it functionally does what it is designed to do.

                                        Speeding up your site:

                                        If you have any code in >Studio >Designer > injections take it out, your site will be so much faster.


                                        Analytics and Advertising code can really impact on your sites performance, removing that code from the header and body will make your site fly.

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                                        • Hello,

                                          Problems with links will be fixed in the nearest update during a couple of day.

                                          About Profiles icons sizes: you may add custom css styles to studio-> design -> injections area or contact us via PM we can help with it.Β 

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                                          UNA - Network Infrastructure for Communities