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  • Happy New Year! Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

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    • Thank you so much for your prayer.

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      • My prayers are with you and your family!

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        • Prayer module v1.0.1 released. This version is compatible with UNA 12.1 

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          • As I understand it, all our team in Russia and Asia are okay, we are all working remotely for along time, so social distancing is in our DNA. 

            Andrew, Alex and I are all in Australia where the effects of COVID 19 have been largely controlled, although the financial ramifications of the controlling measures are having a huge toll. It seems like everyone, everywhere has been touched by the influence of this virus, it is indeed the plague of our era, we will all no doubt feel the effects, whether they are physical or financial, for a long time to come.

            I hope you and yours are keeping safe & healthy banister and as you say, a big shout out all the rest of our growing UNA familia, whilst we are all in this together, some are no doubt feeling the squeeze harder than others. I hope that you get better soon Mmspires, thoughts & prayers are especially with you.

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            • How about our dear friends from Russia? Those who magically show up here every day of the year to politely assist others. I think you know who I am talking about...  Haha.

              At first it looked as though they would be spared. But now there are over 18,000 cases and rising. And almost 150 souls lost.

              Unfortunately, in the USA many believe that no one has the right to tell them what to do or even to suggest it. The final results could be catastrophic. And it could take years before our economy is restored. Things may get so bad that many will have to cry out to the Almighty.   : )

              We used to read about the great plagues of history. Now we are living in one. 

              Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you guys in the growing world-wide UNA family. 

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