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  • Page Preloader module v1.0.3 released - Added ability to limit a preloader to certain pages. Additionally, some fixes have been made.

    • Page Preloader module - Patch 1.0.2 is released. Updated for UNA 13 compatibility.

      • Page Preloader module v1.0.1 released. Fixed an issue with randomizing the preloaders

        • Hello Rocco !

          The simplest way is to "exclude" the "bx_fontawesome" records of the array selected from the `sys_preloader` table. But it will require changing the unit of BxDolTemplate and BxDolPreloader classes in splash.php. Too many change for the single action if the single page :-)

          • Greetings fellas, so I got support to enable error reporting and this was the result:

            Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'BxTemplAcl' not found in /?/?/ Stack trace: #0 /?/?/ BxDolAcl::getInstance() #1 /?/?/ BxTimelineTemplate->__construct(Object(BxTimelineConfig), Object(BxTimelineDb)) #2 /?/?/ BxDolModule->__construct(Array) #3 /?/?/ BxBaseModGeneralModule->__construct(Array) #4 /?/?/ BxBaseModNotificationsModule->__construct(Array) #5 /?/?/ BxTimelineModule->__construct(Array) #6 /?/?/ BxDolModule::getInstance('bx_timeline') #7 //?/?/ in /?/?/ on line 129

            • You can have Rocket Loader ignore individual scripts by adding the data-cfasync="false" attribute to the relevant script tag, for example:

              Rocket Loader will still optimise the loading of all other scripts on the page.


              1. Adding this attribute within JavaScript will not work if you wish to exclude the script from Rocket Loader.
              2. If the script you want Rocket Loader to ignore has dependency on other JavaScript(s) on the page, those depedencies must also have the data-cfasync="false" attribute added.
              3. The 'data-cfasync' attribute must be added before the 'src' attribute. 
              4. Rocket Loader will recognise the tag when either single or double quotes are placed around the attribute value. 

              I think it's possible to do it without modifications in core files

              - insert needed scripts in Studio > Designer > Injections > Head with data-cfasync="false" tags specified

              - deactivate scripts which were added using injections above in `sys_preloader` by setting `active` field to 0

              • Hello Genesis !

                It can't be done by UNA settings, so you may try to remove it from preloader. It may be done via the execution of the following query in your UNA database (as usual - backup the table `sys_preloader` first):

                DELETE FROM `sys_preloader` WHERE `content`='at.js/js/jquery.atwho.min.js' and `type`='js_system' LIMIT 1;