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  • It's rarely the product itself that sells. It is the concept(or story) behind the product that sells.
    A professor-friend of mine took a challenge from his class. The challenge was to profit from selling sand in Sahara.
    So he went to Cairo, dug up loads of sand, washed it and sold it as "silica" for 3 months.
    By changing the concept, he was able to sell to the locals the impossible and make a profit.
    A website is a service. To promote any service business, even a restaurant, one has to 'get out there and promote'. Even if it means passing out cool flyers on the street, dressed as your website. Yahoo actually did that many years ago in the US.
    Host themed events. Show up at convention/expos etc. Make a T-shit with the logo and pay a street comedian to wear it during a performance. Make people curious.

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    • Thanks for the list!ย 

      Working from home is something I have been struggling with for the past few years and never really got a good balance of, to this day. Having a 6 and 7.5 year old kids causing mayham in a smaller size house don't help when needing to focus. I often end up at a 24hr restaurant (Waffle House) in the middle of the night trying to get stuff done.

      Btw, you have two # 4's and two # 5's!

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      • Restaurant module v1.0.1 released. This version is compatible with UNA 12.1ย 

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        • If we look at other social media, people are able to follow brand pages without joining them. A business(org) would create a business page, and then instead of having people JOIN the business page, they follow it, to get updates. In a similar way how people follow each other to get updates, without adding each other to friends.

          Follow should 100% be independent from friending/joining an org.ย 

          Lets say you're a restaurant and want to publish updates about your restaurant. Would you expect only employees to JOIN the organization, and not spend your time filtering hundreds or thousands of join requests from strangers? Yes, of course. Would you "friend" as a restaurant with people? No, that's weird. Would you expect to just maintain your page, post there, and have people follow the page to receive updates on their personal feed? For sure.

          Why is there no such option?

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          • interesting observations :) ย i agree that good content is very very useful. ย  so is a proper UI and dead simple UX experience.

            allow me to offer some anomolies: (ps I've been in the social networking space since the year 2000...)

            www.plurk.comย  <---- this was never popular, and well, frankly it's really weird, and still here. ย i think now it's popular in china.

   (defunct) you uploaded videos and tags or descriptions of videos that were either to a daily question or to your choosing. ย people could comment.

   (predecessor to 4square, and other location aware based services. ย this was really fun in san francisco where it was dense and everyone was a tech nerd... you'd go to a restaurant check in and it would say there are 29 other dodgeball users here!

   (defunct) tag yourself, search tags, answer question of the week, do polls, tag other people, send and recieve priv messages, have a photo album.

            then i'm not even going to get into other ones, like make out club, which was very popular until about 2005. ย 

            we all know myspace. the UI leniency designer award of the century...

            there was orkut, which sucked, was too hard to use, and had the exclusivity factor of invite only before people understood this. it failed. ย it was big in israel for about 3 years.

            i forget the name of this one that was popular before friendster.. ย it was pretty cool, but soon yielded to friendster around 2003.

            there was livejournal, which has been around a long time, and then around 2008, really screwed up and sold itself three times, rapidly changing features and alienating almost its entire user rapidly changing featuresets, design, and so on too too fast. ย  ย  it is now owned by rambler holdings, a subsidiary holding co of the third largest ISP in russia. ย  their team (and some old friends) give us the wonder that is memcached.

            there was .. ย which was seriously awesome, and hugely popular in the burning man community and among artists. ย  it eventually succumbed to errors with its core database, and a lack of funding. ย it was sold to cisco then bought in minority share, but cisco buried it in legal papers and never relased it internally as groupware, or lived up to the promise to keep the site running on the outside world..

            i could go on, but my point is there are all reasons each of these was successful, and each of these sucked... ย  each one targeted and captured a unique niche, but also had unique features, some of which were terrible, and some of which were awesome and diffrenciated the offering. ย  ย  there's nothing new under the sun anyway, but really... ย what is important is that it works, that it is using an open source framework as much as possible, that the company developing it sets themselves up for financial success so the core does not fold..... ย and that a quality product is iteratively developed and refined by a community development model... ย and lastly to be always fair to the deployment base and its customers... and never to get greedy. ย  ย core leadership and distributed segmented power structure are key in this regard, as well as a high moral compass of the folks running the dev team.

            have you seen how develops their IRC server??? they have had a running product since the early 90s, and have a very very very slick development process. and they are still going 20 years later.. on the same product. they're on version 5 now....

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            • Hello Anton,

              You know me for almost 10 years, (besides, you must invite me to the restaurant for this birthday soon. :-)

              So you should know that I am consistent in my remarks. On this subject, I just asked this.

              Permission photo and avatar no full size pleaseย  ย 

              I think you should introduce a new permission that allows you to not allow enlargement of photos and avatar in HD popup for non members, it is really a problem, in module and in feed and in cover profil

              You will tell me member has not put public visibility, but in my case, so I end up with a home page without members' picture, for a dating site it does not.

              Member generally accept miniature, but not full size photo. do you also think about the crooks of crooked photos of the ivory coast, they just steal pictures, it's their job. Thumbnails not usable, full size excellent for them, they will come to get home.

              And Google, everyone will end up with his HD photo, you know that even I would not want to? And you ?

              He's really finding a way to prevent that without being too restrictive and not seeing anything at all.

              Click for popup should display you do not have permission.

              This makes no sense, yes I understand what he means, in the mouth of a computer scientist, he said can not see the photo content, but the photo in hd that you can.

              So, all you have done about it is fine, apparently just a line in excess. That way he is perfect for me.

              I will explain you more by eating around a good meal as soon as I have received your invitation. :-)

              Ps: It will be necessary to warn me well in advance because I am afraid of the plane, except if it is moo who pilot, but that, they do not agree often ...

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