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  • Great idea Geek Girl except that support and developments will inevitably lead to political clash and preference. Ask Mark Zuckerburg about that, how he eventually had to sit before Congress and now must consider that ugly aspect of everything which is responsibility for what one develops in so far as it affects the human race.Β 

    Technology is a kind of tool like a knife for instance, where it can be used to kill or to cure (surgery). The liability is part of the equation. Would be nice if there was no such connection between politics, support and development. But I do hear you loud and clear! Keep on commenting. Dissent is vacumn cleaner in the room.

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    • Alex T is the man! Does the work of a whole room full of facebook programmers. And better, too. Of course...

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      • Andrew, in Lucid is beautiful, you had the idea to enlarge the avatars in the covers, that's a very good idea, but damn it, why did you reduce the others so small, you forced me to buy new glasses! Ditto for the number of notifications much too small.

        Avatar = signature too small = unidentifiable signature.

        In addition I use Quick inform that adds an "i", so that between the "i" and the connection status, there is no more room for the avatar or click.


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        • Thank you, GritlyΒ 

          Spot-on analogy about the rooms and the hours - I'll use it in the future. Exaclty the kind of "wrong" we are trying to fix. It is simply not OK for 2 billion people to live in one house with an owner that has less than perfect reputation.

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          • Great article and good responses. I'll just add one thing. If you look at the engagement on fb groups, WhatsApp groups, groupme or whatever giant tech network you'll understand that the people in these groups are still not connecting ... they're an audience to a few broadcasters. Analogy. Regardless of which room you're in, you are still in the house. In this case the tech house of fb etc. I have actually tried to connect with my target audience on these mediums and boy it's not easy. Its like trying to talk to someone at a noisy party. At some point you kindly ask if they want to step outside and you grab some beers on the way out, find a rock somewhere and chat. Meaningful connection. Β ... I can go on but I'll cut it short. Β For me UNA is a careful experiment to see if people want to connect when they don't have to guess friend or foe beforehand. Β It's a beautiful thing when you just simply start talking to people you have a lot in common with.... for me UNA allows people to create and find their tribe.Β 

            I must say UNA isn't the only one doing this... but it is the only platform of this complexity of tech that gives you the power to own what you create. Everything else is hosted masked versions of a monopoly... e.g if some don't know. Ning, might networks( creators of ning), and a host of white label solutions. Una tech bests them and what you create is yours. Different use cases. UNA can run a hospital social network, or a school. So flexible. If my network doesn't work out for some reason. Β This framework can be used for so many other applications. Β Keep working guys. It takes a deep meaningful mission you truly believe in to sit behind those IDEs and work this hard for this long...Β 

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            • A dedicated dating solution would be very much welcomed. We would love that. On the other hand, it shouldn't just replicate what others do, because then there is no compelling advantage.

              For instance, at Educated Singles we know a lot of well-educated singles are happy with being singles but they enjoy joining a community where they can hook up around professions, interests, etc. Then dating comes as a spin-off of that. Others, however, join with the prime purpose of dating. We need to have room for both, which makes UNA the best solution for that. But agreed, the dating facilities needs development and updates

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              • I would argue that Google+ closed not because of data protection issues. Privacy breaches happened to Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Pinterest and many other sites - generally it didn’t make any difference. Google+ failed because they were trying to create a generic social network - something Facebook has covered and people didn’t feel the need for another β€œstay in touch with all your friends and share funny videos” network. They failed to offer a differentiating factor and simply didn’t have the numbers. Β This privacy issue was the final blow to an already failing project.Β 

                If you want your community to thrive - choose a niche and own it. Make it the best place to, say, discuss how to grow mushrooms, or a community of ramen noodle fans - it will grow, it will be sustainable and meaningful. If you make a β€œme too” product - you’d be in same bit as google+.Β 

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                • I placed the file at the root with my room credentials without success. It does not work...

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                  • Hi,

                    I've noticed several problems.

                    1. On Android phone, while using Protean (Light Mix) the message input field is correct but if using Protean (Dark Mix) the message input field is not OK! It is moved to the top of the messenger conversation so it is unusable.
                    2. Also on Android phone, while on site ..../una/page/messenger/ user can not enter to previous chat- messages. Same for privete chat or public chat room.
                    3. New messages are not show unless page/messenger refresh/reload
                    4. Still on Android phone - while taping on three-dots to use "Add reaction", "Replay",etc. pop-up to use the action doesn't open.

                    Server - Ubuntu 20.4LTS, php8.0

                    Tried to change to use older php (7.4) but the problems persists.

                    Best regards


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                    • I would love to see some sort of group video chat with one or more chatrooms within the main Β "chat room". Something that would be very easy for members to join into like to click a join button or enter the main room to use it then once inside members can join other chat rooms from within the main chat room. Maybe on the basic idea of the old Dolphin chat but better. Also to give the admin the ability to configure this chat to the needs of their members.

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                      • Room Mates module v1.0.2 released. This version is compatible with UNA 12.1Β 

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                        • AOL. I used to go into the chat rooms and pretend to be a grown up.

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                          • For one, it needs a real integration into the site. Β Need notifications on the site letting members know there are people in the chat rooms. Β Plus, at times upgrades break the chat due to not having updated dependencies on the server. Β ArrowChat may be a better solution but it isn't free but everything can't be free. Β There is an integration for UNA and ArrowChat in the marketplace.

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                            • until we find a good solution here for multistreaming, we developed such a strategy which is succesfull until now.

                              We installed custom jitsi server(s) for event specific jitsi rooms up to 200 participants only the presenters and moderators videos are on, thats usually 1-4 videos. If there are more attendants we use multi rooms for the same conference. (with some important settings to jitsi now it can handle more users.)
                              We send the main room to youtube as a live stream. (Through OBS studio or other online apps as we didnt install jibri yet and may be we will not need jibri.)
                              The youtube stream is also taken in to the event page for the event members who doesnt want to join to the VC and also for the public (if the event is allowed for public audience).
                              During this time of my research about multistreaming I learned that it is not an easy task. There needs to be the capability of multiple video streams based on the clients internet speeds like youtube does.
                              If you want to make serious VC events with hundreds of participants you need (very) good hardware and network. And it is important to understand the difference of single video streams (zoom) and multiple video streaming protocols (jitsi: webrtc). I can share my experience about it too.

                              (If needed you may make your video unlisted at youtube, in this case it will be seen in your events page, but not at youtube.)

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                              • I am and Algerian Filmmaker and a composer apart from that I ve been trying to build an Algerian community platform to help musicians and artists in general since 2012 tried boonex and even Jamroom no luck there for many reasons !!! :) now I am setting it up with UNA. my moto for that is "launch it and let it grow... :) don't over think it" Β 

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                                • My intended application is about a year away, but a lot of things have to fall into place. Β A major concern of mine is the political bias of big tech companies. Β Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Apple can simply remove someone from their platforms if that "someone" doesn't have the proper political views. Β It really sucks that this has to be an area of concern, but it's the world we live in. Β If your politics oppose that of Zuckerberg, Bezos, or Dorsey, you get booted from their platform. Β They'll all let the little fish swim around, but if the fish get too big they go into the frying pan. Β I wonder what the politics over at Wowza is like.

                                  I'd like to have a plan for large live streaming events, but there's plenty of room for much smaller localized events. Β How would you integrate live streaming into Una? Β The events module seems like the logical choice for a tie-in.

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                                  • If you can manage your own server then depending on your preference, a cloud server from either of the two below will give you plenty of room to grow: Β 

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                                    • Well worth the wait. VERY well done guys. This will save a lot of room on any page we choose to add it to not to mention that adding quick links (Popup Blocks) to the page makes the user experience much better and easier..

                                      Something I'd like to see added thou (if possible) Β is an option to edit the popup block so we can add instructions or any extra info we feel might be needed to display within the popup.

                                      BTW, It was very easy to setup. And if anyone is interested, here is a good place to grab icons.

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                                      • Love it... I installed this and in my case I'm looking for a member card that has much more info on any member at a glance with taking up much less room, mainly for mobiles.

                                        Great job guys, Thank You

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                                        UNA - Network Infrastructure for Communities