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  • Alex T⚜️ please can you comment, I have the rewrite rules as per your suggestions.

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    • I second the sentiment of the previous posters on this topic. Β I do have a concern with the trend by UNA for the LMS and MassMailer focus. Β I wonder if this is driven by corporate customers asking for these two features.

      On the other hand, there are a LOT of improvements to be made to UNA to make it very competitive with the big SNs. Speed, Ease of Use, UEX, Instant messenger, photo handling, images in posts, previous and next on all content related apps, groups features (files, albums, discussions, events etc.. like dolphin) I could go on but it the new year..

      Anyhow, best of luck with the LMS and MassMailer but don't forget the other suggestions that I have made and see many others make over past months.

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      • My wife and I are going to go see him in Nassau in a few weeks to see what we can do to help. Any suggestions? Anyone want me to pass him a message?

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        • This is great Gritly - ace suggestions, thank you!Β 

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          • Thank you, Martin-ssoΒ 

            There are many good ideas and suggestions in your post. You are most welcome to post them one by one as issues to our GitHub repo and we'll assess to schedule the approved ones for development.

            In regards to some of the comparisons with WP... As you can see in most cases the way WP handles modifications is through plugins. This is possible in the same manner is UNA - one can write a module which would add a block to multiple pages, or an SEO module, or even a UI for direct editing for pages. WP has the advantage of being very well funded and widely popular - so there are quite simply a lot of modules available for it. This, however, may be a problem as well - core site features that heavily reply on 3rd party modules make the platform susceptible to dependency issues and make it difficult for webmasters to access support. If, say, one day for some reason half of the site pages return a "strange" error - who is supposed to help the webmaster? There may be 10 different uncoordinated companies that produced modules those pages depend on. Same can happen with UNA, but at least we try to produce most of the core modules in-house, so that if you have to deactivate 3rd-party modules the site is still functional.

            That is not to say that I don't support WP. On the contrary - I believe that Automatic is doing a great job and I have big respect for Matt and his team. I have communicated years ago and my impression was that he really has the best intentions and solid vision.Β 

            The way I see the difference is that WP is more like Unix - it's a stable, solid core, but if you want to put together a sophisticated OS, you'd have to be prepared to deal with lots of tricky components. UNA is being built to be more like MacOS - a more "vertical" system with a number of usable apps available out-of-the-box, and a more controlled apps market.Β 

            Also, in terms of the platform structure - UNA is more like Drupal and less like WP. More of a framework than a CMS.Β 

            In Drupal, all content is presented as "nodes" where some nodes can reference other nodes as parents. The went quite hardcore on this in Drupal 8 and everything is node now. Only "comments" are notes nodes - they're attached to nodes.

            UNA is similar - we have "pages", which can be presented in different "views" - and you control all those views in the Studio. Plus, since UNA is a community-management-system, we have "objects" that attach to pages - comments (like in Drupal), reactions, attachments, votes, etc.

            Such structure in both Drupal and in UNA allows for the creation of new content types. This is why we can create new types of modules relatively quickly - blogs, discussions, albums, etc.Β 

            Another big benefit in UNA is the "context" modules - containers for content if you will. These are profiles, groups, events, spaces, etc. You can make something similar in Drupal by creating module with parent-type nodes, but it would be a lot of work - you'd be building a CMS basically. So, in UNA we do this legwork and create most of the basic content and context modules to start you off.Β 

            This is the difference between WP, Drupal and UNA in a nutshell. I love all three (not equally though 😁). 

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            • Still unable to upgrade to 9.01 or 10. Β I have tried everything suggested and nothing works. system log doesn't show anything on this. Β I had no response - from UNA staff. Any suggestions? I would like to be able to manually install 10 and then update the database and restore photos. I assume I can do this, but a bit of input by UNA staff would help.

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              • A bit of activity showing from the mobile app. We are getting reports and suggestions aplenty - so the apps should be getting ready for release soon.Β 

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                • Some suggestions:

                  Fox Cheetah Tiger Leopard Lion Β (intelligence speed power confidence ...)

                  Mercury Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptun

                  or very old fashioned elements silver gold platinium

                  or names of people especially female names (will include many unconscious connections)

                  Or some beautiful words from an exotic/extinctΒ  language

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                  • Few suggestions. The Google ads do not help while viewing on mobile. Also depending on how many users you have it simply isn't a good way to raise revenue until you have thousands of users. The homepage has alot of different interesting stuff on it BUT that means less people would have an incentive to look at people's profiles. The more connected people are the more interaction via notifications and chat msgs. You have an extremely great niche site that has the potential to get thousands of users. I would advertise your site in bike magazines, put flyers in shops, and during big bike events have a booth and get people signed up.Β 

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                    • Suggestions (Ideas) module - Patch 1.0.4 is released - some layout adjustments made, breadcrumb added to comments/staff comments pages, fixed issue with uninstallation leaving fragments in the database.

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                      • That worked very well. I used it for both the login and join buttons. Β You can see on the homepage cover it worked great.

                        But I'm having a problem with the splash page. I added the same code as I did on the cover but I can't seen to get the spacing between the two buttons and they won't center on the page. Might you have any suggestions?

                        This is the code that I used on the splash page.

                        <p style="text-align: center;"><a href="/page/login" class="bx-form-input-submit bx-btn bx-btn-primary "><strong>Log in Here</strong></a><a href="/page/create-account" class="bx-form-input-submit bx-btn bx-btn-primary "><strong>JOIN NOW !</strong></a>

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                        • i'm having a problem centering my navigation menu. I added the below to custom styles in my Lucid theme and it did seem to help with Chrome browser but not Edge or Fire fox. any suggestions? Would the fix be a little different to center the menu than what I have here?

                          -sliding-menu-sys_site.bx-sliding-smenu-main ul.bx-menu-object-sys_site {

                          -webkit-justify-content: center;

                          justify-content: center;


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                          • One of my suggestions -----Can make more users like to use UNA


                            Please add demo content to the UNA platform!

                            Demo content importing is not necessary to run UNA, but for faster site development and familiarization with UNA the boonex should recommend user to import demo content because it shows user all pages layouts, shortcodes and other post types which the user received with UNA.


                            I have to totally agree with you. Β Demo data is absolutely imperative to get a new user on board. Β If I had hundreds of hours to play with this, then eventually I would figure it out, but unfortunately, I don't. Β The sample data, as in any other software platform made in the past twenty years have, provides the end-user a quick and self-explanatory way of knowing how everything works. Β I was wanting to have at least three different sites set up running UNA, but my hopes and dreams are dematerializing about as fast as our liberties here in the United States.

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                            • John Curtis I might be able to help you 😎 lets connect. I am happy to give you some suggestions on marketing and engagement... on a side note I think we are neighbors ✌ I am in Ocala!!

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                              • Thank you LeonidSΒ 

                                Our Language Keys are all configured correctly, any other suggestions on where to look?


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                                • Please, any suggestions?

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                                  • Andrew BoonΒ 

                                    I feel myself falling into the same hole I fell into while trying to put a Dolphin based site online, years ago. The standard off-the-shelf platform will get you started, but inevitably you will need a bit of customization and coding that leaves a person at the mercy of someone else to do the work. Β Unfortunately, my primary area of expertise is oil well logging instrumentation. I can do some basic things, but the level of skill required to do something seemingly simple, like adding the category name and parent space to the meta info, is not within my reach. Β Back in my Dolphin days, every time I needed a littel custom work done, finding someone to do it was virtually impossible. Β I'm wondering what I have to do to avoid falling into the same hole. Β 

                                    Any suggestions? Β I urgently need, at the very least, the category name and the Parent Space name (if it exists) on the existing space card. Β I've spent the better part of three days looking at the code, and see no built in way of putting that info on the card, Β I can put the author's name on the card, the Space ID, and the time stamp, but not the info that would really help, So here I am again,dead in the water, unable to get a key element of a website working the way I need it to work.

                                    What would really help, is if the una code included more template keys to compliment the existing ones such as Β  __id__ Β  __author__ Β  __ts__ Β or __title_attr__

                                    If template keys for spaces, such as Β __category__ Β or Β __parent__ Β or __description__ Β  existed, my problem would be solved, as the customization would be a simple template file edit. Β  I expect that having a key for a custom field is a different story, but you really should consider making more template keys available, Β In other words, if it's a standard field on the entry form, a template key would be useful.

                                    For now, a __category__ Β and a Β __parent__ Β key that I could use in Spaces template files would be a life saver. Β 

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                                    • Master String Editor now is available on UNA marketplace!

                                      Also in latest version 3.1 there were made some important fixes. Please update.

                                      Please feel free to write any suggestions or questions here on support thread. If you need my help urgently, please write me on messenger, I'll reply asap.

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                                      Products' Reviews
                                      • UNA Themes ,

                                        Hello,This new Xenon Theme is working much better than the Lucid theme I had installed. It's also faster.

                                        The only thing is... I don't have a return to "TOP" button. Shouldn't that be part on this Β theme? Β Any suggestions?

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                                        • Excellent! The must have app to connect with your users and clients needs through suggestions or ideas for a better service or product. I thank you for this.

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                                          • Is there a platform for the addon? For support, suggestions, etc.? Or using the coment-function here?

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                                            • Well done AQB Soft team.

                                              Just a few suggestions to improve on the module to make it more robust:

                                              A delay until display in seconds - Which will allow x number of second to pass until the message displays.

                                              A option flag or counter on how many times to show the message. - Some message may only need to be shown once or once per day and not pop up every X number of minutes. Β 

                                              This option will allow specific warnings, notices to be placed in locations on the site. eg a group url for eg. to be able to notify a group. etc. of something.

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                                              UNA - Network Infrastructure for Communities