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  • It is good to know I am not alone in this venture. Starting a site and getting it to some level of popularity and financial success is a difficult road to travel but I believe it can be done.

    I have shaped my site to reward members with commissions for inviting friends and family to join. I am praying that people will join for the money first and then as I take their membership fees and make the site better, they will then stick around and actually enjoy the site as a nice place to be.

    • Travel module v1.0.3 released. Update made for UNA 13 beta

      • Travel module v1.0.2 released. Update made for UNA 13 version

        • Looks like the "Library" in the UNA instructions is actually the Library tab on the google maps page. This is where the api's are found which must be enabled. For me, they are already enabled but I have never been charged anything for this "service". Maybe I was "grandfathered" in from 10 years ago when my project was created.

          Has anyone been able to use the same google map key on multiple sites? I cannot see where the key is tied to a particular site.

          As for the location of every type of submission - discussion, post, file, article - it just invites confusion and needlessly clutters up the page in most cases. Sure, if the entire site was devoted to travel, map-making, or perhaps photography, it would be a nice feature.

          So, how do you remove this "disabled by default" toggle switch and only have the address fields display for the Profile location? City and State is all I need for the profile page. The street number and address fields can be disabled via CSS in the custom theme section.

          I am certain this can be done because one of my sites is already configured so that there is no toggle switch but simply the address fields, city and state and country. I cannot however reproduce it on another site.

          • Travel module v1.0.1 released. This version is compatible with UNA 12.1 

            • The way Google and Amazon have treated other social media sites, that is not PC, I will advoid their services and not have to deal with their cancel culture later. If I had the internet bandwidth and did not travel a lot I would host it myself. Are you using another remote storage? So if you delete a file it is not deleted for 30 days?

              • HI Michael - I am glad you got it resolved. I was travelling yesterday and did not get a chance to reply to you. Thank you.

                • Messages and Storage is not encrypted, but they do travel over https between conversations. 

                  It would be great to give the site owner the choice to switch encryption on or off and the choice of encryption protocol at set-up (possibly after set-up too). That way those that would like encryption can have it on and they can meet their countries laws and standards, anyone else can have it off if they want.

                  • That's strange. Are you still getting it?

                    Maybe you needed to be a member to post a Message.

                    'Join confirmation' was selected, while public was 'allowed to post'.

                    I've turned off the Join confirmation.

                    I did find those two input areas a little confusing at first:

                    Post a Message (huge white space) vs Add new Discussion - Post - Poll - Update - Product.

                    Michel -

                    • for some reason duckduckgo already knows mysite if i search for it, but i havent thought about seo in a long time.  back in the day i worked a bit at a travel search engine. :)

                      i will read your article, Baloo  :D