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  • Can you do the same for friends and followers for Authors block on View Videos etc pages.

    • Bonsoir Balou, j'ai cliqué sur mise a jour ,

      heureusement cette fois ci j'avais fait des sauvegardes ,

      donc je viens de tout supprimé et remis Version: 12.1.0-B1 avec laquelle j'ai aucun souci.

      J'ai fait une installation dans un sous domaine avec la RC4 tout fonctionne sauf le téléchargement des vidéos.

      Au faite votre site est magnifique, je viens le visiter de temps en temps.

      Bonne soirée

      • When on video publishing page after video upload:


        • Some of the Mods like AQB Softs Pop Up blocks and Tik Tak Videos have slowed down and take awhile to load. This is for Artificer Theme. I'm in the U.S.

          • This update should be generally a lot more stable and fast than B4. The iOS and Android apps packages were also updated and will work much faster than before. As for Apple Store reviews - they usually give feedback on what needs to be adjusted, each app is different. It's likely that you were using Jitsi-meet for your video converences within the messenger, which required separate installation of Jitsi-meet app. Apple doesn't allow that, so you would need to setup your own to connect conference calls.

            • Running B4 for several weeks with no major issues. So how does ios app work for this version. Payed to have ios mobile app made with no success over 1 year ago and could not get apple to certify it. If I remember right it had to do with messenger/video conference and gave up after a month of back and forth.

              • Yeah thats a good Idea too.

                I have this only Fans Module ... i like it but for users to complicated under the Profiles, better were when they can give prices and sconto actions for each picture and video or expliziet content. At moment the FansOnly module is for all content. and it should give a way that u can choose in it, Payment by credits or points not in money.

                • I have mentioned a better integration with credits and points. I know MSolutions had a Mod called FansOnly that allowed users to make their profile a subscription and be able to charge to see pictures, videos, etc. Most mod developers are waiting for UNA 13 final to start making changes, but a lot of 3rd party mods don't work correctly right now. Some have even debated on leaving because some mods are now obsolete because of all the changes.

                  One option I think that would have been really beneficial would let UNA have access to all the mods in the store and see how their updates effect other mods. Also let mod developers have a "sandbox" to see how their mods integrate with others and updates. Also maybe UNA can do some private video chats events with mod creators to answer questions, brainstorm etc

                  • The topic is not whats the plan or not - the topic is more how long it will be need ... and i think all the bugs was not the plan ;) In the end all will working ... but i would likes to have more transparent here, what is planned, what will change and what has been changed in the end - same as Patchnotes and a Date when Updates and realeases will comming out.

                    To be honest, for the last year we've felt like a test subject who has to pay for it ourselves. And that doesn't work! The costs are too high for that and the possibility or possibility to import it back into the page at some point is too small. Because in order to generate money on the site, one is currently dependent on thordparty modules, since UNA itself offers too few options for making money. This will only work if UNA extends the existing modules. For example streaming - which allows users to send credits in streams.

                    The best would be if @AQB Soft can integrate the points module and @UNA  and @AQB Soft should find a way for points and credits to work together, for example you can convert credits to points. It's confusing - here the user should pay credits - here points. It is precisely on this point that a uniform option is required... or UNA should expand the credit system with rankings ect. pp

                    What is totally missing here is a gift shop system. That the Incator can choose, buy and send a gift via Credits and the Object and thes System get Credits in % too

                    The albums, Videos and Photos should have the possibility to sell the pictures and Videos directly via their own credit system.

                    Could the list be extended... The potential is there but it has to be implemented and not in months.

                    Than we can start making money - and this options are standard in other networks today

                    • That would be a very long video :) Generally our process is that I draft a page in HTML (css/tw) and pass it on to the team to implement in UNA.

                      Thinking about now... might be fun to how some of the process clips... it's very nuanced and often it's easy to overlook just how much consideration goes into every element.

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                      • Instructions in this video should work for current UNA app as well

                        • Will these Videos be updated for Mobile Apps 2.0.2 for UNA 13 or is the Environment Setup the same?

                          • Hi @Alexey I just tested out the latest messenger and I am not seeing any of the features in the video above and I am not seeing the 3 column design.

                            Do you know when the new features will become available?

                            • Excellent Andrey! Thank you for all the contributions to the UNA community! This makes me happy, UNA keeps getting better and better. Anxious to get my hands on the live video streaming app... :)

                                • I really need this video ... Thank you.. 

                                  • How can we change the Visibility icon?  I think an eye icon would be more appropriate than a world icon.Very useful video by the way, thank you.

                                    • Thanks Andrew Boon this is a huge milestone to take UNA to another level. Great job as usual !One item I would ask if you could add to your to-do-list please. To implement "Videos Embedding" within {Videos} Mod in your next release.  Videos Mod should have both Videos Upload & Videos Embedding. We should not be asking the users to go to "Posts" or "Discussions" Mods to embed videos, it gets very confusing..Regarding Social Networking CONTROL, recently the world has seen the giant Tech companies such as google, twitter, FB and even Amazon acting as Gods in order to destroy Freedom of Speech, we definitely need a better alternative. You said:  "We must do our absolute best to halt the advance of monolithic technology giants that took full control of social networking, communication, commerce, media and entertainment.."  which I totally agree with. But there is one more challenge, what would you do when your hosting company bends over to the Crooks in our Government's threats to shutdown your site or else ? This is actually happened 2 days ago. App was removed from Google's App Store, and Also Amazon threatened to shutdown their servers since their site is hosted on Amazon. You can read about it here: Parler CEO denounces ‘coordinated attack’ by Big Tech as Amazon prepares to pull plug on its servers   So what do we do when all hosting companies go after your website ? We used to have lots of competition & technology to choose from, but today we have Big Sharks swimming around asking the small Fish to either follow along or they get eaten alive.. I really feel this world is becoming North Korea now. This is a dictatorship allover again.. The Globalist are executing their agenda as we speak..

                                      • I'm currently testing the 1st beta and I'm a little bit confused with the new "Roles" config options. You mentioned it in relation with the groups module, which I replaced with Spaces module for our community's special needs. Please, can you explain Roles in your next video for UNA 12?

                                        • Lovely work. Can I ask why you keep pushing back 

                                          Videos: allow to post video embeds with thumbnails, etc #1858

                                          to future milestones

                                          Videos discussing common questions and challenges that we face, and how we make decisions based on a simple principle - keeping it real.  What looks good "on-paper" may not be the same as what works best in real-life situations. Through our experience of building social networking software for over 17 years, we've learned a lot about "the big questions". In this series, I talk about these in details, in a causal manner, while driving around and doing daily chores. Keeping it real.  #keepitreal
                                          This album is for short videos or fill-in images used as examples elsewhere. 
                                          Various #tutorials, mostly #video, all for UNA. 
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                                          • I'm pretty sure that we'll have some kind of service or API to convert voice to text soon, as AI engines progress. WebVTT spec as I understand is just for showing captions in the standard HTML5 video element, which is handy for standardized playback but doesn't help with recognition in any way. Still need something to "understand" all the talking. Perhaps that's an idea for a community? Say, people share most interesting/popular videos and some members write up transcripts for the rest of the community to read. You can monetize by setting up a marketplace for quick transctipt service, or tipping, or subscription based access with revenue sharing.
                                            • What about sign language to text, nearly impossible... at least in consumers side. Which is why I believe that text input is more universal. Not everyone likes to do it because using time-frames and fill in the captions... naturally, it's time consuming for most. Anything that's Google, I stay away. Even their "open-source" that requires Google account which requires running nonfree software (Javascript sent by the site). I think that's doable. Look up "WebVTT" (Web Video Text Tracks), timed text in connection with the HTML5 element.
                                              • I've created a YouTube channel and uploaded these videos, so you can watch them on youtube and captions -
                                                • Thank you Nathe. Yes, we are well aware of the need for subtitles. This is not a trivial task though. Automated subtitles require a solid AI engine to process. There are a few available, but none will allow easy integration or an API for external voice recognition. If you know of one, please share. We started working with the Google’s API.AI now to develop bots support in JOT Messenger, but even this API is still limited to text input only. Google has the technology to process voice, but they won’t share or sell it yet. Perhaps one option we should go for in the interim is uploading a copy of such videos to YouTube to allow for captioning. Alternatively the author has to write the trbascript and post it as a Post with embedded video from the album. What do you think?
                                                  • No clue what you're saying... the horror, diarrhea of the mouth at best. Most of your educational, useful and resourceful videos are still inaccessible for the deaf customers like me. I did request video "Subtitle" feature six years ago in Dolphin ( it has largely been ignored and still today with UNA. Hulu, Netflix, VLC, Youtube... to name a few, already implement long time ago and we still lack? Patiently waited for six years... how much longer? Hearing privilege is as bad as White privilege. Please stop, start caring and sharing. For our sites, we demand such a feature because it's mandatory and it's right thing to do... for the sake of people who are deaf-blind like Helen Keller. C'arn Andrew, I'm pushing you for UNA and Dolphin to be the first to offer 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility before someone else does!
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                                                    • Andrew Boon    Android app for UNA 10 is not able to play this video.

                                                      • Great Picture......Now If Only You Could Get Video Uploads To Work  :(

                                                        • Tnx for the video

                                                          • Thanks for the video.
                                                            • WOW, thanks for the information Andrew, I naturally and to my own/sites self imposed limits tend to focus on successful outcomes and so again naturally begin to plan as far as my limited knowledge will take me which in itself has been a problem. I have been thinking of possible solutions and development steps before I even complete your "First 1000 Users" instruction and although I believe it necessary to at least get a basic outline of the planned development in order to clearly see a better starting place.... plus realizing that I will need to hire help due to lack of knowledge this video really brought it home to me and to narrow my focus just a little, get back in my body and live and build in the now, rather than focus on future problems I cannot fully comprehend, handle or afford. Best do what yourself and Alex T suggest, concentrate on the idea, build and develop it on a singular basis before getting help to expand outwards KNOWING what the site has developed into as far as user input is concerned. And so thanks for the "Keep ir real!" video set. I was living in cookoo land for a while there. Thanks for the jolt. All the best.
                                                              • Comment by unknown is hidden.
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                                                                • Could that also be used to create a 'live' video post?

                                                                  • I dont care,  I want some real features,  live , live streaming,  video calling etc

                                                                    • I am of the same opinion, I am surprised that you ask this question for messenger. Simple text, preview of the links in priority, at least Youtube, with if possible the possibility to watch the video in the window of messenger as in Anton in his Simple Chat, it's very nice, it will already be well, after you can add audio and video. The goal is to have an instant discussion, we will not spend its time to get in shape, I think ...
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                                                                      • Hi @MSolutions, getting error while uploading video ..saying video length is too long even thought the lenght is within limit. can you check.


                                                                        • Comment by unknown is hidden.
                                                                          • Comment by unknown is hidden.
                                                                            • Yes works fine now....but have one more issue with module... on ios device, when scrolling on timeline, the tiktak just autoplays and there's no way continue scrolling feeds. For general videos, I had to off timeline autoplay to avert this...but for titak mod, there's no way to off autoplay on timeline. Perhaps this feature can be added in next for now I have to completely remove tiktak from timeline display

                                                                              • Great mod and it works well. One issue is when using it with your TikTak module. When someone is flipping through the short videos it shows the FansOnly videos that aren't visible otherwise.

                                                                                • Not really getting support for these module. it has not work since i bought it @AQB Soft i have sent several mails to you without reply.

                                                                                  Here is the video link to let u know that the module is not working

                                                                                  • @MSolutions please can you add the ability to add a signature at the end of videos, similar to what you see at the end of a TicTok video.

                                                                                    If it is to complicated to add the users name and profile pic details it would be awesome if we could add an mp4 (or animated gif) of our animated logo at the end of the video.



                                                                                    • backspacedeletethat


                                                                                      I have added 3 short videos almost 14 hrs ago and they are still saying awaiting , can someone help with this issue.

                                                                                      • Videos embedded in eng are not visible in other languages. It makes no sense. The files, categories and languages should be correlating. Can you make changes to get read of this issue?

                                                                                        • Is there anyway to make these blocks conditional like the blocks on the page. For example some blocks will not show unless you have added an item like Albums, Videos, Etc. If not is that something you could possibly attempt to add in the future? 

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