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  • It’s a great challenge, indeed a conundrum, every business & software platform wishes to drive engagement, i think the answer is not explicit but contained within the nuance, asking ‘why?’ before adding in each new feature or configuration.

    It seems time & again our friends at Facebook have crossed that line, the ‘why’ when it comes to Facebook seems always to make more money. I look forward to exploring the nuance with Online.Me & defining a better way. 

    • Hi.

      Nice to meet you.

      I am new on this site.

      Could you let me know about what is this site and how to use .

      I will wait for your reply.

      Thanks and best wishes.

      • I don't know honestly Andrew Boon i wish i can come up with an answer, i'm being honest. Maybe someone here can give a good suggestion

        • I wish I was as handsome as my memes! 😬

          • I actually wish I had more time in front of the computer. Between my project in UNA and one in Dolphin, I don't get to work on them as much as I'd like.

            • This is filled with a lot of important concepts to remember. I wish there was a way to bookmark, or save, this comment/post for future reference. Would be a great feature to add. 😀 

              • polyglot in studio and search for the term, edit it how you wish

                • Pethol UNA right out the box is a complete solution. No need to be a developer. Very simple to use and Studio is your toolbox to make whatever changes necessary that you wish. If you do not understand how to do something, you need to read, ask, and learn. You cannot expect any software from any developer to be exactly what you want right out the box....unless of course you have paid them to do custom development, which in this case you didn't. Same holds true about your home or purchasing a vehicle. Unless you designed it and paid money to builder to build it exactly as you want, you will not have the color walls you want nor the type of flooring or fixtures that you want. Why? Because you bought a house that was available on the market. UNA is that house and now you need to customize it for your needs or pay someone to do the changes for you. There is nothing wrong with UNA nor the way it is advertised. It is stated correctly that it is a framework and can be used to build niche networks. One must learn to use resources or monies to personalize it for their exact needs.

                  Hang in there and read and learn. It will come together for you and will begin to understand it. We're all here to help each other.

                  • Yes - that would be it.
                    I think the problem is that English is not the native language. I suspect it is Russian. Very sexy language.

                    "Price $50USD, including support and updates for one year. (The module will still work after the end of the year).
                    If you wish for continued support and updates, we charge $50 USD per year."

                    Maybe that is a better formulation.

                    • 25 degrees Celsius here is Byron Bay Australia! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas from UNA Down Under!

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                      • I had the same trouble and it took a few days. You will wish you didn’t. Crazy messed up. I’ even changed it back to ‘stable’ but it did an update a few days later and things are pretty screwed up. I realize now that I should not have taken that chance and should have waited for a stable version.

                        • Thanks, I wish I knew how to use regular expression

                          • you are the best 

                            a little wish to the UNA Mission: in default sex settings queer woman man others

                            i know everybody can change that byself, but a lot humans didn t change the default 

                             quickly change to better 

                            love NOW

                            • I wish this would have seen this prior to help. Either way I sent some now. I hope this helps Jerome with rebuilding, etc. Not much, but I know every penny helps :)

                              • I wish I could but with UNA Cloud Service I cant make changes, unless there is something I am not aware of. Is there access to a control panel I am not aware of with UNA Cloud Hosting?

                                • Chris, I wish I had the option to do that but I can not have access to control panel with UNA Cloud Hosting and cannot make the changes, so I am on hold until I get a response from UNA Support. None yet.
                                  • Agreed! Just wish there was a way to have the members that are in the custom page chat to be displayed somehow. 😏 I know they show in the actual messenger page. 

                                    • assuming i have a website and i wish to link my website with the native app so that people can download how do i do it

                                      • Thankyou very much for your free upgrade to us. May I take the chance to wish you and everybody else here on this site a very special Christmas and happy new year. 

                                        • Hi Will Roberts - in response to a few of the points you have raised here:
                                          1. The UNA Market is Growing! Over the last 6 months the size of the UNA Market has doubled - UNA have launched dozens of new modules and various 3rd Party providers have done the same. AQB Soft are consistently working on updating all the Dolphin Modules into UNA, and as I understand it Modzzz are preparing to do the same. Between these two 3rd Party providers we have most of the Dolphin Modules covered. The advantage  in UNA is that all the 3rd Party Modules are curated and checked by our Dev Team - so you know that they will work. It was an issue with Dolphin of 3rd Apps not working properly and sites 'breaking' because of poor coding - with UNA we ensure that every app released through our UNA Market works.

                                          2. It is absolutely legal and encouraged that 3rd Party Developers release modules for UNA. UNA is Open Source software, licensed under MIT - so essentially anyone can do anything with it that they please. If you wish to sell apps through UNA Market - there needs to be a point of difference - ie, you can't just copy someone else's app and re-release it under your name, but we absolutely encourage developers to create modules and services for the marketplace - we will support them every step of the way to get there:  there is most of the necessary information for developing apps for UNA here:

                                          3.Have you seen the Timeline Module for UNA? it exists already, you can view it here:

                                          4. We are currently working on the UNA Academy - you can see the UNA Start Guide here: - also we have lots of great content in the UNA Beginners Group Here:

                                          Any questions, please ask!

                                          Products' Reviews
                                          • You are welcome.

                                            Please send us a message if you need anything else. We are happy to help on anything you need.

                                            We wish you the best.


                                            • Purchased the NSFW module and it is nearly perfect. A big flaw is the main purpose for NSFW is that it hides offensive content from being seen on the screen. In this module if a user clicks the blurred image it is shown and stays seen. The downside is theres no way to quickly hide that or any previously unhidden content again.

                                              We had custom NSFW work done by another developer on our site which filters NSFW from being seen at all but theres a toggle switch in top menu. Any time user wishes to show "NSFW" content they toggle the switch. It automatically reloads the browser with NSFW seen/filtered depending on its selection.

                                              If you can implement this functionality your module will be perfect. Also, if you wanted to offer administrator option of having blurred image or simple filter so NSFW isn't seen anywhere on site unless checked that would be an option.

                                              Keep up the good work. As of now we are deciding if we are going to stick with the custom work done on our site or with this NSFW module purchased.

                                              • There is no 'order' of banners You can define per command yourself and Banners are shown random

                                                I dont know the algos of banner mod by AQB, but in my experiences (testing) it looks like that all banners / per block (!) are handled equal, no matter of:

                                                • the amount of banners per bannerblock
                                                • the booking, so far the amount of days, clicks or impressions
                                                • it is just random

                                                As I wrote in my post, this MOD is very very usefull as a starting point for banners ++, and works like a charm, as it is. But we have many wishes to the devs. Haven't we?

                                                As I have extragood experiences with @AQB Soft and their modules, I suggest, that the actual Banner mod is a nice statement from AQB. A nice 'starting' point to show us, what this Banner Mod could be..... I agree, dev needs money!

                                                So it is on us to tell our needs and pay for a PRO Version. For all that we need.

                                                I'm on board if we want to discuss this. I'm on board to pay for a strenght development of this mod.

                                                I'm very happy to have You here @Cem , Lets go these steps together ...

                                                • Very useful, I use all areas of site so to see so many blocks on page can become cumbersome if a person were to view the profile. Also the price is good. I wish your field and category apps were around the same price. I find this price more worth it.

                                                  • Thank you for quick response. It would help to add that if a user wishes to create a subscription plan but hasn't set up payment provider details, then a message notifying them to do this first would help. Example user tries to set up subscription plans but when presses submit and hasn't set up payment provider; a message for the user would say "In order to set up subscription plan please create a payment provider in payments. Thanks"

                                                    • I decided to give this a try for profile photos. I wish it seen the photos people originally choose when they create their profile though or even a menu option to open this  so it does not confuse others looking at the profile page or even implementation to be be add blocks in pages so you can just disable the UNA uploaders and use these instead. I may be able to pull off menu option for now and it has been years since you made changes, but just some thoughts. One day I hope someone will figure out how to do something like this and pull from timeline media like Twitter. I think this is a good module though with a lot of potential. I think the price is not bad for the limits it has. 

                                                      • Finally, someone listened and created this app.  I just bought and installed it and it works great.  Only wish the popups would be positioned at the top right but otherwise works beautifully.  Thank you MSolutions 

                                                        • Gritly  I looked into it. And I liked it but....  It would cost a min of $87 a month for the essential plan then goes up from there depending on the plan you wanted.

                                                           I wish someone would build an app for this.

                                                          Forum's Comments
                                                          • Wishes module v1.0.4 released. Update made to fix issue with display of Offers in UNA 13 B4

                                                            • Wishes module v1.0.3 released. Update made for UNA 13 b4

                                                              • Birthdays are an occasion to rejoice, remember the past and the future, and reconnect with friends. Make your birthday count with these professional suggestions. We all have a special day each year when we receive gifts, well wishes, cards, and social media posts of congratulations.

                                                                • I wish it really was that easy but even after B4 I have to wait for the other mod developers to update their mods... Then I have to wait for UNA to do something for UNA Cloud members so we can use the Streaming App. My custom template has been broken again after B3 so there's that also.

                                                                  • You have been so kind @Ronald Slaton ! Your words melted my heart! Thank you so much. There are days that I feel I'm so in over my head with this, but so passionate about this project I hope to not give up. This community has really helped me so much. I'm also very nervous about the day I actually put it out there- like something bad may happen and the whole thing will crash on me! Lol- yikes! Mixed emotions for sure. I wish you the very best and I'm glad you posted what you did- feels so good to know I'm not alone.

                                                                    • Hi Karina!

                                                                      I wish you all the success in the world. As big and vast as this planet is with billions of people, we all should be able to find a few (hundred thousand) who love what we're offering.

                                                                      Back in the early days, I tried to be a "web designer" and actually create a site. Now, I look at my web site like I look at my car; I don't want to change my own oil anymore or get dirty doing tune ups. Same with my UNA, I just want to direct and administrate it.

                                                                      My hat is off to you for keeping the skill and desire alive, wanting to put your hands to your site and shape it your own way.

                                                                      • @Alex T⚜️ and UNA team. Thank you for putting the install and updated dates in the Dashboard. I think all too often the simple incremental changes made to the Software goes un notices unless something goes wrong. This is a good addition to the software as it let us know when updates are applied. Thank you very much for this.

                                                                        Best wishes to UNA Team.

                                                                        • Wishes module v1.0.2 released. Update made for UNA 13 beta

                                                                          • Wish module v1.0.1 released. Update made for UNA 13 version

                                                                            • @Jopel i am so sorry, you feel so much bad, that you leave una (and me), in most cases, we found a solution (not in all). also we have sometimes strong conflicts, but at the end we found solution. for now, that means, i fight alone against una ;) wish you all the best, stay strong and find your lucky! =)