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  • UNA Themes thank you for the information! Okay, so I have disabled CREDITS and PAYPAL API from Studio > Launcher > > . The only Provider that is now active (turned ON) is PAYPAL

    Now on my site, in my Settings for my personal account, there is a Payments tab. On that screen, I now only have active PAYPAL

    On that same screen, I have Active checked ON (it's active)

    Mode is Live

    Business is my Business account login email address.

    Process Type is set to .

    We also have Identity Token and Sandbox. Before I sort Identity Token and Sandbox out, let me ask this: Does everyone on my UNA website need a Business account, or can they simply have a Personal account, in order to sell things on my site?

    In order to get an Identity Token and a Sandbox, does everyone selling need a Business account or a Personal account on ?

    Thank you very much for helping me understand this. Once I have this working, I will write a brief tutorial for people.