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RC2 is running here at UNA.IO. It's getting a lot more polished and performant, but there are some small issues popping up still, so another RC is in works. We are accelerating release cycle as much as possible now, so your testing feedback is invaluable.

Additionally, we are now committing to development of a number of automated cross-browser tests to further speed up dev and testing process. The itch to build new features is strong, but we will keep polishing the 13 until it's perfect. ✊

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Preparing 13RC2 now. Likely to be out early next week. Apart from bug fixes it will have a much smoother layout rescaling (ditched some JS in favour of CSS) and better block repositioning for 3-column layouts.

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More and more I feel convinced that JS is bad for anything to do with layouts and styling. Whenever something is possible to implement with CSS over JS the result is always 10 times better.

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Every ~New-Year~ comes with ceremonial posts about achievements and resolutions. It's a great way to regroup and update everyone publicly on the progress. Our post is on the way too, but we are working on the recent v13RC1 update followup, so it may take a couple of days. :)

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UNA.IO is now running on 13RC1. Feedback is much appreciated.

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