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Why are there no more comment likes on this forum? Has something changed? I think they are a good idea, myself.

Interestingly, when I graduated to 13.0, I lost them. But with outside help they were recovered.

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Hello, all you dear Unitarians. Can anyone tell me how to find the UNA version in the back-up files of one's site? Years ago, I remember in Dolphin how we would manually change it after each update. :)

I have supposedly modified some files and therefore cannot update to the next version, you see. So I need to find what version my back-ups are. Yes, I am aware that a global forced overwrite is possible but I would prefer not to employ that method.

Thank YOU.

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On the subject of file uploads, in the Edit modeI see no way to delete the presently uploaded file. Is there a setting for this in Forms? What is the name of this setting please?

I just need to edit the file and re-upload - I don't want to delete the page and start over and lose comments and likes.

Other modules have this capability.

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That's a lot! You can see (below) that several recent visitors to our site were not able to complete their membership by email.

Some people do not know how to access their junk or trash mail folder. Nor will they bother to contact you about the problem. It's not their problem that your site does not work.

Check your Accounts app often and try to contact people again if they got stuck. Of course, your follow-up inquiry may also go to their junk bin.

And look into phone confirmation, too.

We're all competing with the almighty Facebook. Success will not be easy.

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During the transition to 13, we lost (they do not appear) breadcrumbs on many pages. The Forums breadcrumb menu still functions but I am not certain that the other modules use the same file structure.

Is the file structure the same as before - prior to 13? Now, I see files called: page_breadcrumb.html. And a breadcrumb.html file which merely points to another file with the same name but in another folder and with different content.

Before I lose more time, can someone confirm that the file structure for breadcrumbs is now the same as before? THANK YOU.

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