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Hello team,

I'm trying to download my invoices from but the self-serve portal popup times out and shows an error 500 in dev tools.

Any chance someone can have a look?

On a side note, it would be nice to have these invoices sent via email automatically, so we can avoid spending time unnecessarily when doing accounting...



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    Hello UNA team

    I tried today to download invoices for my subscriptions here on and for some reason, two subscriptions product the same invoice - from number to product, everything is the same.

    Can someone contact me in messenger to explain further?

    Thanks in advance

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      • We can provide invoices only generated in our billing accounts.

        Please provide for what subscriptions you need invoices. You can email us at with this information.

        • Many thanks Igor, will do.

          • Whilst checking the list of my subscriptions, I gave it another go and I noticed the below:

            When first landing on the Subscriptions page, one can use the cog wheel to the right of each line, to open Self serve portal and get to download the invoices

            However, on second attempt, the Self-serve portal opens for the same subscription, irrespective of which line I click.

            After a page refresh, I can access another item, and if I want to get all invoices, all I have to do is refresh the page every time.

            I now have all my invoices, can you confirm if this behavior for the Self serve portal is by design or a glitch?

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            Hello friends,

            Some notifications sent to users on various actions are missing the domain part of the URL:


            I looked around (email templates, keys...) couldn't find what drives this.

            It does not happen on all notifications, just some - e.g. notification that someone posted a commend on a discussion. Others are fine...

            Any thoughts?

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            Hello, crowd.

            I have been testing the Courses/Classes modules for a couple of days, and they can be an excellent and revenue-generating feature.

            However, I find some awkwardness in the functionality:

            • A member can click "Attend course" without paying and even go through classes with paid Courses. I could not find an easy way to allow course paying members alone to access the Classes. A huge problem.
            • Once a class is marked as completed, there is no way to go through it again. Although not a huge issue, it raises a serious question: why add the lifetime option in payment if the content is locked once you go through it? It doesn't make sense.
            • The creator of the course can "Leave course", which is another problem; people can make mistakes, making the platform look like an unfinished environment, affecting the brand.

            If anyone can provide some light on the above, I'd be grateful.

            Question: Are these problems solvable through some configuration editing? I could not find anything after two days, and - considering this is a paid feature - I'd like to avoid spending more time trying to find it by myself.

            PS. To some extent, we have the same situation with Events...

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