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Good evening,

how to increase the number of people in the results of: page/persons-search, it only displays 10 profiles.

Thank you in advance for your assistance .

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Good morning,

I saw that the database retrieves the Latitude and longitude of the members,

How to do for that it automatically fills in the profile of the members the boxes of Location as with other CMU.

Thanks in advance

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Question: What is this folder for: in:


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Bonjour  que veut dire cette erreur. Merci 

trigger_error ("bx_import fatal error: class (" . $sClassName . ") wasn't found", E_USER_ERROR);

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I need help.

I wanted to update to version Trident 13.0.0-RC2 and I have this message.


Database versions and files are different, it is likely that the previous patch was not applied correctly


Thank you in advance for your return

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